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Instagram Won’t Let Me Follow People? Why & How to Fix?

Why won’t Instagram let me follow people or even anyone? If you are bothered with this trouble, go here to get pro fixes of "can’t follow people on Instagram" error.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by jane

Why do you follow someone on Instagram? Instagram creates a cosy way for people to check status of favorite celebrities, brand or long-distant friends online. Differently, some rookie Instagrammers who follow lots of people aims to get free Instagram followers back for boosting presence at early period. Despite of varied purposes, following people is a must on Instagram. But the trouble arrives. Sometimes, you can’t follow people on Instagram.

Why Won't Instagram Let Me Follow People

Why won’t Instagram let me follow people? It’s a common question. Once the Follow button goes not working, the connection between you and others is broken. What’s worse, your account is blocked. In this article, we will discuss all possible reasons why Instagram won’t let you follow people, how to fix the error and list helpful tips to keep your account safe for further following.

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Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Follow People? What Are the Possibilities?

Reasons are important. No matter whether you have been restricted to follow people on Instagram or try to prevent this kind of error from happening, you need to pay much attention on the following possibilities.

Network Problem or Instagram Error/Bug

What should be checked at first when Instagram won’t let you follow people is network connection. Both broken and poor networks can lead the error of any operation on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you may occasionally encounter small errors or bugs of Instagram which results in following not working temporarily. If so, don’t worry. Instagram will fix it quickly. Just wait a while and try to follow someone later.

Reach the Maximum Follow Limit

Keep the fact that the maximum number of accounts to follow is 7,500 in mind. You can’t follow anyone on Instagram the moment the number is touched. Additionally, Instagram sets more detailed limitations of following. It is said that new accounts can make a total of 500 actions, including follows, unfollows, likes and comments, on Instagram one day before 2021. In 2021, Instagram gives stricter daily limits with a maximum of 100-150 follows per day and 7-13 follows per hour.

Follow or Unfollow People Too Fast

Instagram is not tolerant towards people who attempt to break the limitations. If you continuously follow or unfollow massive people in a short space of time, Instagram will warn you with a “Action Blocked” message saying that your account has been temporarily blocked and the block expire date.

If you can’t follow people on Instagram but receiving this message, stop any activities and wait for the unblocking. It is highly suggested to follow/unfollow 50 accounts a day or less than 10 accounts in hour to avoid Instagram action blocked error happening again.

Your Account Is Blocked or Banned

Why won’t Instagram let me follow people? Before answering this question, you should make a test whether you can’t follow someone or anyone. Follow numbers of accounts at the same time. If you can follow others except one people, it is proved that you are blocked by he/she. But if all follow buttons keep unselecting, it is probable that Instagram blocked or banned for you break the terms.

Instagram algorithm can quickly detect spammy and cheat activities. Some usual activities, like logging in with different devices, using different IPs, will cause temporarily blocked. But if you repeatedly use bots to fast follow, unfollow, like or comment on Instagram massively, you may be banned for a quite long time.

Also, you may involve in the ban risk if buying massive fake followers (bots) and likes at once. If you urgently have enough number of followers to build micro influence on Instagram, it is recommended to try Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to fast get real followers with gradual delivery to greatly decrease the risk of being banned while increasing presence.

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Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Follow People? How to Fix?

Think of the actions you make if Instagram won’t let you follow people and check the possible reasons listed above. The troubleshooting varies depending on different situations.

Situation 1. The error is seemingly caused by technical problem in that all your actions are normal.


1. Log out your account and log in again.

2. Try to log in your account with another device or using browser.

3. Clear Instagram caches and try to follow again.

4. Update Instagram to the latest version. If you have gotten the newest version but “can’t follow people on Instagram” still happens, try to uninstall and reinstall Instagram app.

5. Try to follow people on Facebook. Lots of people link Instagram with Facebook. So, you can try to follow people through Facebook instead when the following function is unavailable on Instagram.

Situation 2: Your action/account is temporarily blocked.

Fix: In fact, you don’t need to do anything until Instagram unblock you in hours or lasting to 2 days. Just be patient and you will be free later.

Situation 3: You get banned on Instagram.

Fix: Instagram disable your account when it detects that you violate the terms. If there’s a mistake, log in your account and follow the on-screen instructions to appeal the decision.

Tips to Keep Your Account Safe for Further Following

It’s a notification that your account will be permanently deleted from Instagram if you repeatedly make usual actions or violates terms. How to keep your account safe? Besides carefully follow Instagram Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, there’re some tips which can not only help you enjoy Instagram with no worry about being blocked or banned, but also get more followers and likes to establish influence.

Tip 1. Create a Business Account on Instagram

It’s better to create an Instagram business account if you need to promote product or brand.

Open Instagram and log in your account > Find Account in Settings > Switch to Professional Account > Select Business > Pick a category and fill in the information.

Tip 2. Make a Complete Profile

Make sure that the description of your profile can let anyone learn who you are and what you do to let your account look like a real human rather than a bot.

Tip 3. Do Any Action Reasonably

As mentioned above, Instagram will restrict you if usual actions are detected. So, please don’t follow, unfollow, like or comment massive people on Instagram in a short time and don’t do any action immediately after a ban.

The other alert is that don’t use bots to get massive followers for a time even though you hope to fast improve presence. However, it will cost a lot of time and energy to win followers and likes with tricks. How to fasten the speed but keep away from ban risk?

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In Short

Why won’t Instagram let me follow people or anyone? This problem bothers lots of users for casual technical problem and usual actions you make unconsciously. It’s quite necessary to control excessive activities (like following/unfollowing massive people or getting followers in a short time) if you want to keep your account safe. And, if you’re trying to gain more followers to boost influence and engagement without the risk of being banned, Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery deserves your pick!