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Quick Guide: How to Check Following List and Instagram Followers in Order

This article will introduce how to view your IG following list and Instagram followers in order, as well as the tool to make your followers list grow nonstop!

Updated 2021-07-21 17:35:25 | by Carol

Have you ever looked into your follower or following list? It looks so random at first glance but if you noticed it, the lists seem to keep on changing without definite orders and exhibit differently on different devices. How so? Isn’t the list built on who followed you recently?

Well, it seems like this is based on Instagram’s algorithm that is not revealed to the public. Also, there’s one thing everyone has been wondering, that is, why are some people just on top of the list of your followers or following? Whether you want to find out if the person you followed follows you back, or keep tabs on the recent followers, you’ll need to learn how to check Instagram followers in order.

Checking Instagram order of followers can be important for your Instagram growth. In this article, you will learn how to check Instagram followers and following lists in order, plus the most powerful tool to help you build your audience efficiently!


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How to Check Instagram Followers in Order

As said, the IG followers list order keeps on changing and it differs from one profile to another depending on the Instagram algorithm. The secret here is the threshold of the number of your followers. Specifically, if you have a following that is less than 200, your follower list will be organized alphabetically. All your followers will appear from A to Z based on the name on the profile but not the username.

Here’s an example to help you better understand Instagram followers in order, as you can see all the followers are arranged alphabetically with the profile name.


When you have more than 200 followers, the Instagram algorithm changes. Your follower list will be organized on the basis of how you interact with your followers. For instance, whether they like or comment on your posts or some more interaction like messaging or visiting your profile. Regardless of the exact involvement of the Instagram algorithm, the person you interact with the most often will appear at the top of your followers list.

So can you check your Instagram followers in order? Like based on who followed you recently? As of June 2021, Instagram no longer allows you to view your Instagram list in chronological order, on mobile. That is to say, you can still work it around on the web. Here’s how to check your Instagram followers in order chronologically (from latest to earliest).

Step 1. Go to web Instagram. Log in with your account.

Step 2. Click on the Followers on the profile page.


Step 3. The one on top is the person who followed you recently.

That’s it if you want to check Instagram followers in order. If you have followers of more than 200, then you can find the chronological order on the web with the steps above, however, your mobile will display the order on the basis of interaction. In the case of followers less than 200, the follower list is organized alphabetically on mobile but chronologically on the web.

This is critical for influencers who want to build their audience. You can better understand your followers and see who interacts with you more often. Besides, for followers who follow you recently, you may block followers who are fake and gain Instagram followers of high quality instead.

Check Instagram Following in Order

Now you know how to check Instagram followers in order, so how about the people you follow? Whether on Instagram mobile or web, you will not find the alphabetical or chronological order, and your following list is organized on the basis of interaction. The person you interact with mostly will appear on top. Similarly, it’s hard to know what exactly is involved in the Instagram algorithm that defines the level of interaction, but it could always be those common things such as, comments, likes, etc.

However the new updates allow you to check your following list with a filter, so you can view your list based on the following time, for instance, who you followed recently and last.

Here’s how to check the orders in your following list with a filter.

Step 1. Go to the profile page. Tap on the following list.

Step 2. In the following list, tap on the small Sort icon in the upper right.


Step 3. Tap “Date Followed: Latest” to view the list chronologically from the latest to the earliest. “Date Followed: Latest” is the other way around.


Instagram Followers in Order: Make Your Followers List Endless

Now you see the importance of checking Instagram followers in order because it’s part of the followers management that can help you better understand your audience. You can see who interacts with you the most and whether the person you followed follows you back, remove bot followers who followed you recently, etc. You can go even further to check out your followers' interests and topics so you know how to optimize your Instagram in terms of content strategy and attract even more followers.

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Checking Instagram followers in order seems to be helpful when you want to better understand your audience and improve engagement, it’s more of a long-term strategy for list building. If you are just getting started on Instagram, building your audiences quickly is much more important. When influencer marketing becomes increasingly competitive, it’s better to hack as many followers as you can quickly so you can keep up with your competitors. If that’s the case, Followers GalleryGettInsitaFollowers Gallery is here to help. With the expertise and trustworthy service, you can certainly grow your Instagram with ease.

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