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Free Instagram Follower Audit: Fake Followers Audit & Get 100% Real Followers

Is Instagram follower audit accurate? Try IG fake followers check/audit tools & tips here to figure out your fake followers. And gain 100% real followers free.

Updated 2022-12-26 14:05:48 | by Beling

Instagram's followers number is a key standard to judge the popularity of an Instagram account. Famous influencers and celebrities always own millions of and even billions of followers. But many of them suffer from fake and bot followers, which harms the IG account and brings no value to their brand. How to check your fake followers? Instagram follower audit can do you a favor. You can rely on free IG fake follower check strategies and tools to find out fake followers easily.

Free Instagram Follower Audit

Here in the article, you will be shown 5 useful tips to audit Instagram followers and 3 free best Instagram audit tools. More importantly, you’ll get the best tool for 100% real IG followers. Let’s drop into it now!

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Why Do You Conduct Instagram Follower Audit?

Why should you conduct Instagram followers audit? Simple. Many Instagram users would buy numerous followers at a time to improve accounts’ influence. And you have to figure out whether all the followers or as many as followers are authentic accounts or not. If you own a big proportion of fake followers, your account would lose the credibility to other users, and even be banned by Instagram.

Instagram Follower Audit: How to Check Fake Followers

Now that it’s important to conduct Instagram followers audio to find out fake followers, how can you make IG fake follower check free? Here are 5 tips for you.

Check profile info

To make IG fake follower audit by yourself, the first thing is to check the account profile. Normally, real accounts will complete full detailed information in the profile to show more about themselves. But fake accounts’ profiles usually show the following traits:

  • Lack a profile picture
  • Strange usernames with lots of numbers
  • No posts on the homepage

Instagram Follower Audit Check Profile Info

Check follower-to-following ratio

Beside the profile details, you can calculate the number of following vs. the number of followers of the account. We know that accounts which have big fans will attract more followers than following. So if the account has much more following than followers, for instance, 500 followers and 2000 following, it’s extremely likely to be a fake account.

Instagram Follower Audit Follower-to-Following

Check follower-to-engagement ratio

In addition, there’s another important element, engagement, such as the number of Instagram likes, views, and comments. If you see a post from an account with 5000 followers only got 500 likes or 200 views, it must be a fake follower in your list.

Check unusual follower spikes

Also, if you found that one account shows a striking increase of free Instagram followers with only a few posts, for example, 3000 followers with 3 Instagram posts, then it is possible to be bot followers.

Check spam or bot comments

Finally, there’s one more thing you should not neglect, that is commenting on Instagram posts. Comments always reflect the true ideas or reactions of viewers of the posts, photos or videos. You can search for the comments of the account and check if the comments are spam words like these:

  • Only shows emojis or no context.
  • Short and repetitive phrases like “cool!”, “beautiful!”, “well done!”or “great post!”
  • Irrelevant words to the post. Like “fashionable look!” on a picture of food.
Instagram Follower Audit Check Spam Comments

3 Fake Instagram Follower Audit Tools

To check small number of Instagram audit fake followers, the above tips can be enough for you. But what if you need to check a huge number of fake followers? Here are recommended 3 free and paid fake Instagram followers audio tools.

1. Social Blade

The first best Instagram audit tool is called Social Blade. The site allows you to track an account’s statistics to check any unusual follower popular up spikes for free. You can see the number of followers that an Instagram account has obtained or lost over a period of time, and analyze any discrepancies to figure out fake ones.

Fake Instagram Follower Audit Tool - Social Blade

2. Social Audit Pro

Social Audit Pro is a paid audio platform, which offers you multiple data to identify fake and bot followers, such as suspicious followers, the follower-to-following ratio, the quality of dubious post, number of active followers, and more.

Fake Instagram Follower Audit Tool - Social Audit Pro

3. Analisa

Another recommended tool to audit Instagram followers is Analisa. Some people will rely on 1000 followers app to buy followers, which may contain bot followers. It can help you analyze the Instagram profile, and show the number of active followers, dormant followers, and suspicious followers.

Fake Instagram Follower Audit Tool - Analisa

Gain 100% Real Followers Free in Instagram Follower Audit

Based on the above tips and tools for Instagram follower audit free, you must have figured out your fake followers. But it takes too many efforts and time to audit and analyze all Instagram followers, how can you avoid getting fake followers and make sure to have 100% real followers in the future?

Here, you’re highly recommended to try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, a free Instagram followers app, which delivers 100% real followers without bots in short time. It establishes a virtual community for all global authentic Instagram users to interact with each other.

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Why Pick GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery?

  • All 100% REAL Instagram Followers, No Bot

GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery gathers all authentic Instagram users in global together and they will follow you based on their taste and interests to your post content. So you will gain 100% real followers indeed, no bot, no cheat.

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The app is based on the coins-task system, as long as you collect as many as coins, you’re free to exchange certain number of followers you need. And it’s easy to get 5000 followers Mod APK unlimited coins if you keep doing tasks.

  • Organic & Instant Delivery Plans

GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery offers 2 modes of delivery plans: organic followers and instant followers. For people who expect fast growth overnight, you can get instant followers at low cost, 500 (+200 free) followers at $16.98, 2000 (+1000 free) followers at $39.98. Or you can get an organic delivery of 50/Day in 30, 60 days.

  • High Engagement Ratio

With all real followers, you can get a high engagement ratio naturally. Besides free followers, the powerful app also offers free likes, such as get 15 free Instagram likes daily, and more Story/Reels views, comments.

  • 100% Safe & Private, No Risk

It’s a highly secure and private app to use. There is no survey, no human verification to fill in, and there’s no malware while downloading and applying, no any risk.

How to Get Real Insta Followers on Getins+

Step 1. Download & install the App

Firstly, please download & install GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery Instagram followers APK or app on your device.

Step 2. Login and collect coins.

Create and log in with your own account to get free virtual coins. This app will ask you to add one or more Instagram accounts. You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts.

How to Get Real Insta Followers in Instagram Follower Audit

Step 3. Get free followers with coins.

Once you gain a huge number of coins, you can select a plan to get free followers. You can get more coins by completing different tasks in the app.

Get Real Insta Followers in Instagram Follower Audit

The Bottom Line

After reading the whole passage, you must get the answer to Instagram follower audit accuracy. Conducting fake Instagram follower audit will certainly help you find out fake or bot followers and improve the quality of your Instagram account. While, to avoid fake follower audit Instagram forever in the long run, you can try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to get 100% real followers for free!

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