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1. Solutions to the message “This Instagram account has been verified on another account (email). Please remove it there and then verify on this account after 24 hours.”

An Instagram account can only be verified on one account at one time to do tasks to earn free coins.

Steps to remove it from another Followers Gallery account:

Step 1: Log into the account with the email on the prompt message. If you forgot the password, you can reset a new one for login via “Forgot Password?”

Step 2: Tap the profile photo at the top left corner

Step 3: Find the Instagram username that you want to remove

Step 4: Tap “Remove”. On the popup window, tap “OK”

To ensure the account security, your Instagram account will be removed in 24 hours. Please wait patiently. After it is completely removed, you can verify it on this account you want and do tasks to earn coins.

Or provide us with the email on the prompt message and ask us to delete that account.

Note: All its related info including the coins will be deleted too.

2. How to add an Instagram account to ?

Each account can add 5 Instagram accounts at most.

Step 1: Log into your account

Step 2: Tap the profile photo at the top left corner

Step 3: Tap “Add Account” at the bottom

Step 4: Enter the correct Instagram username

3. How to remove an Instagram account from ?

Step 1: Log into your account

Step 2: Tap the profile photo on the top left corner

Step 3: Find the Instagram account that you want to remove

Step 4: Tap “Remove”. On the popup window, tap “OK”

To ensure the account security, your Instagram account will be removed in 24 hours. Please wait patiently.

4. Solution to the message “Too many like/follow attempts. Please try again later.”

It means during a short period of time, you were doing too many tasks to earn coins, or the tasks you published were liked or followed by too many people. Please wait for a while and try again later. Otherwise, your Instagram account will probably be disabled by Instagram.

The time when it can go back to normal depends on Instagram. So please wait patiently. Or, you may try this way to solve the issue. (Note: Please make sure to operate the steps below with the same Internet connection.)

Step 1: Make sure you’ve logged out our app.

Step 2: Log into the Instagram account with the account you mentioned.

For Android/iOS users: Please log in the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

For PC users: Please log in through http://www.instagram.com on your PC.

Step 3: If there's any popup message, just follow the instructions first. If there isn’t any popup message, just come back to log in our app again to continue.

5. Solution to the message “Failed to add/verify the Instagram account. Please try again.”

It may be caused by Instagram server exception or some other unknown errors. You can switch to another network (e.g. you are using the wifi now and change it to use the cellular data of your mobile phone or VPN) and try again to see if it works. Remember to log out the app first and then log in again.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact us via Feedback inside the app. We need you to provide the relevant log for further check.

6. I published the task, but I haven’t got all likes or followers. Why?

Generally, you’ll see the changes within 24 hours. The specific time of completing one task depends on the task size. Bigger plan, more time. And to make it increase organically, the delivery may take several days or more. You can check the progress in Task List.

If no changes occurred after 24 hours, you can send us the Instagram username of the task and the screenshot of the progress in Task List. We’ll help follow it up.

7. What should I do when I received the message “Your Instagram account has been blocked or disabled.”?

Please log into the official Instagram app and operate according to the relevant instructions. Then please wait patiently until your Instagram account back to normal.

8. Why it prompted the error message “You've added this Instagram account to too many accounts.”?

One Instagram account can be added to 20 accounts at most at the same time. If it prompts this message, it means the Instagram account you tried to add has already exceeded the limitation. So please try another Instagram account.

9. Why I shared the app but didn’t get the rewarded coins?

After you share the app to another person, he/she needs to sign up a account via the link you sent. Thus you can get the rewarded coins.

10. Why I received the email of Verification Code?

You received the verification code email because you were trying to verify or change the email linked to your account. The code will expire in 15 minutes after you receive it. Just enter the verification code on the app and complete the verification.

If you didn't send such a request, please ignore this message.

11. What is the Energy of each Instagram account?

The time beside the profile photo of the Instagram account will show how long you should wait until it restores the next energy or all energy.

12. What if I forgot the password of my account?

Step 1: Open the app

Step 2: Tap "Forgot Password?" on the login interface

Step 3: Enter the email address you used to register the account. You will receive an email and please follow the onscreen prompts to reset your password.

13. How does the platform work?

It is a free and safe platform gathering massive real persons to follow and like each other. Everyone gets coins by following others or liking other posts in this system. Then, use the coins to get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes.

Steps to get followers and likes:

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Add an Instagram account

Step 3: Earn free coins on the app

Step 4: Use the coins to get followers and likes for your Instagram account

14. Is it legal to buy Instagram followers or likes?

It’s legal, for sure. Buying followers or likes for any kind of social media is legal. It is just a digital marketing strategy. When others follow you or like your post, it is totally legal and safe.

15. Are followers and likes real?

We promise 100% real. We do not use fake accounts like some other websites. Only real followers can access to this system to earn coins and publish follower or like task. All of our Instagram followers and likes are completely real.

16. Do I need to provide my password?

Not needed. We do not ask your password because processing your order does not need it; your username is enough.

Note: When you want to earn more free coins, you need to log into one of your Instagram accounts with your password. Your information will be completely encrypted and secured, and only you know it.

17. Is safe?

Absolutely YES. is designed by an experienced and professional team that has years of developing software experience. We guarantee 100% safe and clean.

Note: Please rest assured to proceed with the downloading and installing of if you see any prompts. is 100% safe and clean. Your phone may show you a warning message when you try to download it from our site. There is no risk for your device and no damage to any of your data. Please just tap on "SETTINGS" to enable the installations from other sources on your device.

18. Where can I download ?

You can download by clicking the buttons below.

19. Can I get followers & likes without doing coin tasks?

Yes. You can get unlimited free followers and likes after doing coin tasks. Alternatively, you can buy Instagram followers and likes directly, without downloading app and doing tasks.

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