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How to Track Instagram Views

Do you want to track Instagram views to know who has been checking out your Instagram Stories? Here in this poat, you will be able to track Instagram views to find out your stalker on Instagram.

Updated 2022-11-21 10:40:36 | by Tom

If you're a daily Instagram user, you might be wondering, "Is there a method to track Instagram views?" Do you want to know who is watching your Instagram stories? Do you believe you have an Instagram stalker? Do you want to understand which posts perform best for your audience by identifying who is most active on your Instagram feed so you can tailor your stories to them?

Track Instagram Views

You'll be relieved to learn that you can check who has viewed your Instagram, and this TechJunkie video will teach you how to track views on Instagram!

Can You Track Instagram Views?

Can Instagram views be tracked?

While you won't be able to see who visits your profile or posts, you will be able to see who watches your Instagram Stories. To discover who is viewing your Instagram stories, do the following:

1. Navigate to your Story by clicking your profile symbol in the upper left corner of your screen.

Track Instagram Views Step 1

2. When you open your tale, swipe up to see a list of everyone who has viewed it.

Track Instagram Views Step 2

While this only pertains to Stories, it might offer you a good sense of who is reading your posts.

There is a notion concerning who is watching your story many times. Instagram has not said how they arrange the viewers on the list given above. According to this notion, individuals at the top are those who have visited your material the most.

Instagram employs algorithms to match you with material that matches your interests, lending credence to this hypothesis.

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How to Track Instagram Views with Insights?

Instagram gives business accounts various analytic tools to assist them to find consumers and promote their firm or products on Instagram. This, like individual accounts, does not reveal WHO is reading your account. You may use this tool to help you understand how well your business account is performing, but it will not provide you with information about particular Instagram users' activities.

A business account will show you how many people are seeing your Instagram account. If you want to switch to a business account, we have the information you need here:

Follow the steps to switch to your professional account for Instagram tracking views:

Step 1. Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2. Tap the profile on the top right corner to unfold the options, and click Settings.

Switch to Professional Account

Step 3. Click Switch to Professional Account.

Step 4. Select a category for your account, and click Done to move on.

Select a Category

Step 5. Choose your role before clicking Next.

Creator or Business Account

Manage your new creator account on the desktop with Business Suite or Creator Studio. With Business Suite or Creator Studio, you can track Instagram views intuitively.

Track Views on Instagram Creator Studio

Or you can go to the mobile app to track your Instagram views with insights, display and edit contact buttons, reach customers with promotions, and more.

The only difference is that when you enable Insights in the APP, you need to find Settings on your profile page, and then click Account under the Settings option to Switch to Professional Account.

Track Views on Instagram

Aside from Instagram Insights, you can also locate the top applications for tracking Instagram followers on Google Play or the App Store.

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Third-Party App for Tracking Instagram Views

InsReports+ is a perfect 3rd party app for tracking Instagram views, which is designed by a dedicated professional team as an Instagram analytics app.

InsReports+ provides you with a variety of data such as date range, account reached, account engagement, total followers, and insights into your Instagram reels, stories, posts, comments, views, and likes. All of these elements contribute to your ability to gain more free Instagram followers, likes, and views.

How to track Instagram views with InsReports+?

Step 1: Download and Install InsReports+.

Step 2: Get a Comprehensive In-depth Insights Report of Your Account.

With InsReports+, you can improve your IG account with the following features:

Track Profile Views

Your profile visits represent the number of times your profile has been seen; InsReports+ can track IG profile visitors, assisting you in naturalizing the odd visitors.

Content Interactions Insights

This will open a page that shows how your content is performing in terms of engagement, with stats broken down by content type.

Track Your Followers

The tab displays how many followers you've earned in the last week, month, and year, as well as the usual times of day that your followers use Instagram - information that may be quite useful for scheduling your posts.

Instagram Tracking Views

InsReports+ examines the trend of story views by top viewers, viewers you don't follow, most viewed stories, and least watched articles, assisting you in developing effective strategies to reach your objectives.

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