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7 Best Instagram Comment Pickers: Random Comment & Giveaway Winner Picker

Compare the 7 best free Instagram comment pickers in detail. Choose your favorite one to select a winner for your Instagram giveaway and boost the Instagram engagement.

Updated 2022-08-12 18:44:59 | by Albert

If you want to increase the engagement with your viewers on social media, and advertising for your websites, products, and brands, running a giveaway on your page is of great help. Then, how to select a random winner to get the gift? The Instagram comment picker can help you. It can collect and analyze all the comments on your Instagram no matter how many entries there are, which saves you from counting each comment by hand and guarantees the fair selection of a winner. So, how to do that? In this article, there are 7 Instagram comment picker apps introduced. Let’s learn about the main features of each software and choose your favorite one to find a giveaway winner.

Instagram Comment Picker

Title List

#1: Commentpicker – Fair Instagram Comment Picker

When you grow Instagram followers for business to some degree, running giveaways is a good choice to boost sales. If you want to run a giveaway fairly and make the result open to the public, this Instagram comment picker is your first choice. After selecting a winner for your giveaway, this comment picker will create a unique URL for you to share the outcome with your audience transparently. Then, nobody will doubt that you have chosen a friend as the winner in secret.

Commentpicker – A Fair Instagram Comment Picker

Here are the main features of this free Instagram comment picker:

  • Act as a free comment picker across different platforms, including but not limited to Instagram.
  • Require a creator or business Instagram account linked to Facebook.
  • Enable you to customize the Instagram giveaway options based on your need.
  • Display a URL for everyone to check the final result.
  • Only work for a simple giveaway without too many entries

#2: Getcombat – Large Instagram Comment Picker

Why is it called a large Instagram comment picker app? This website supports a large number of comments so that you can select a winner from a huge database. Different from other Instagram comment pickers which set a limit on the comment number up to 200 or even less, allows you to run a giveaway without any limit. So, choose this Instagram comment picker free when you have to pick a winner from quite a few of entries.

Getcombat – A Large Instagram Comment Picker

Continue to read and see what you can do and what you cannot with this Instagram comment picker app:

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Need your Instagram post link and email.
  • Support entries more than 12000.
  • Take some time to select a winner.
  • Sometimes the mail sender doesn’t work.

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#3: Wask – Instagram Comment Picker No Login

The above-mentioned tools require users to sign up or log in with their accounts. Is there any Instagram comment picker no login? Of course. is one of the apps fits your demand. And there are only three steps for you to select a giveaway winner using this Instagram comment picker free: Scan Sweepstakes Post > Find Attendance > Determine Winner.

Wask – An Instagram Comment Picker No Login

Now, you can look through other functions this Instagram comment picker support:

  • Free to access without logging in.
  • Support 6 interface languages: EN, ES, FR, DE, RU, TR.
  • Select a giveaway winner automatically after getting your Instagram post UR.

#4: Simpliers – Instagram Comment Picker with Dark & Light Modes

This is a free Instagram comment picker to help make sales and increase engagement on Instagram. As long as your post includes 300 or fewer comments, your contest repeats less than 3 times, and you don’t start a joint contest with several posts. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it to select a winner for your giveaway. For more information about this Instagram comment picker, see the features below.

Simpliers – An Instagram Comment Picker with Dark & Light Modes

It distinguishes itself from its competitors by such features:

  • Two interface display modes: Dark mode & light mode.
  • Free to select Instagram comment winners 3 times.
  • Offer options to set the contest settings such as a number of winners.
  • Set a limit on the number of comments (maximum: 300).

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#5: Pickawinner – Instagram Comment Picker for Public Posts

It is an ads-supported website for you to select a winner for your giveaway on Instagram. You do not need to input your personal information, so just go ahead and enjoy a free trial. Besides Instagram comment pick, it is also used for YouTube giveaways. But filters related to keyword, bitcoin, hashtag and mention are only available in the paid version.

Pickawinner – An Instagram Comment Picker for Public Posts

What else does this Instagram comment picker provide? Find the answer below:

  • Online free Instagram comment picker no login.
  • Support 150 Instagram comments at most.
  • Work for public Instagram posts instead of private ones.

#6: AppSorteos – Versatile Instagram Comment Picker

It enables you to run a giveaway on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Apart from that, apps like Wheel Decide, Random Name Winner, Roll Dice, Random Teams Generator, and Trivia Maker are available for you to select a random winner in different ways. You just need to tell this Instagram comment picker your Instagram photo URL and wait for the winner’s appearance.

Now, check its main functions in brief:

  • Free Instagram comment pickers calling needing login.
  • Able to run Instagram giveaways, contests, promotions and sweepstakes.
  • Allow you to decide the number of winners.
  • Don’t access your account credentials.

#7: IGRCP – Instagram Comment Picker without Business/Facebook Account

Music to your ears if you don’t have a business or Facebook page! This Instagram comment picker doesn’t need them either, but your Instagram post URL or username. Then, every comment will be detected and analyzed automatically.

Why is this Instagram comment picker so popular?

  • Select an Instagram comment winner fairly.
  • Export all comments in EXCEL or CSV for future use.
  • Work fast to analyze data on Instagram with the support of multiple servers.

Till now, 6 Instagram comment pickers have been introduced. Which one do you like best? Make a decision and select a winner for your Instagram giveaway as soon as possible.

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The Bottom Line

Have you known how to pick a winner for your Instagram giveaway? Choose an Instagram comment picker app from the 7 options based on the number of entries and other needs you have to consider. Afterward, have a free trial of GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to grow your targeted audience overnight. You will be surprised by the power of this free tool and like to run more giveaways in the future.

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