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How to Hack Instagram 10k Followers for Free

Do you want to get 10,000 Instagram followers for free? This guide will show you 3 ways to crack 10k and more free followers from real people.

Updated 2021-09-17 14:17:44 | by Christine

People get an unlimited number of Instagram followers for different purposes. Some of them want to gain commercial benefits, some want to gain popularity to become famous, and so on. In any case, everyone enjoys being followed and liked by others. However, it is incredibly simple for us to get 10k Instagram followers for free. You don’t need to pay anyone, you don’t need to worry about your account security, and you don’t need to provide anyone with your Instagram password. When we say free, we are serious. Try it now! However, This article will introduce you 3 easiest ways to get 10k followers for free on instagram quickly and effortlessly.

Hack 10K Instagram Followers

Tip 1: Get Basic Followers from 0 to 500

Step 1: Take Advantage of the New Registered Identity.

When you sign up for Instagram with a completely new identity, the fastest way to get followers is to invite people who know you to follow you first like family, classmates, colleagues, friends, etc. You can also gain followers by connecting with other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc).

To Invite People Who Know You - Facebook

Step 2: Make Your Account Public.

It is difficult to gain 10k Instagram followers with private accounts. Only friends you follow can find you. People cannot see your photos before they become your followers. If you see the green button, it means that the post is set to be private. Follow the steps below to make your account public:

Click the "Profile" button in the lower right corner of the Instagram app > click "Edit My Profile"> uncheck "Posts are Private".

Make Your Instagram Account Public

Step 3: Use the Most Popular Tags.

Users can search for a topic through tags and watch all photos with related tags. As long as you use a popular tag, others will be able to see your photos and view the content you posted when they search for this tag. If your photos are high-quality and interesting, they will quickly attract the attention of others and help you gain followers.

The above three steps can get free followers without any effort. Whatever, you can get at least 200 followers, 300 followers or 500 followers or more, depending on your user base.

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Tip 2 : Increasing Followers to 1000

Step 1: Rely on Tricks to Gain Followers.

Firstly, one of the fastest ways to attract other Instagram users is to follow them first. Try to follow as many users as possible. Secondly, update at least once a day and publish some interesting content to avoid being unfollowed. Thirdly, There are some small group accounts on Instagram, which will hold daily forums for everyone to chat. By actively joining a small group, other users can quickly get to know you. In addition, people often check the celebrity’s follower list which users follow them, and then follow the hundreds of fans that appear on the first few pages. Many people will continually follow and unfollow very popular celebrities, so that their names will always appear in the first few of the "new fans" list. You can rely on these little tricks to quickly gain a large number of followers.

Step 2: Promote Your Page.

First of all, clarify your market goals, you can attract a group of fans with the same interests whether it is food, pets or outdoor photography.

If you are a fan of a certain movie, show, comic, book or artist, you may wish to set up a fan account and connect it to your personal account to get followers. With so many people posting their selfies and personal trivia on Instagram, you will soon be overwhelmed. This page is representative and has the potential to quickly gain a large number of followers.

You can also ask a well-known friend to help you publicize and ask his fans to pay attention to you. In return, you can help your friends promote it on your account.

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Tip3: Increasing Followers to 10000 or More

Everyone wants to have unlimited followers like many people, but worry about the security of your account. Without human verification and Account password leaked, Followers Gallery will solve your worries. It is a safe and free Instagram Follower Boost Tools. And these followers are indeed real people.

Step 1: Free Download

Download Followers Gallery and install it on your device. (Let’s take Android as an example. Windows and iOS are the same.)

Followers GalleryGetInsitaFollowers Gallery – Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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Step 2: Sign up And Log in

Sign up and login with your account. When you log in, you’ll get some free coins immediately and you can buy followers with these coins.

Sign up and Log in - Followers Gallery

Step 3: Add Instagram Accounts

Add one or more Instagram accounts to get more followers. Yes, if you have more than one Instagram accounts, you can add at most 5 Instagram accounts to do tasks .

Add Instagram Accounts to Followers GalleryStep 4: Get Followers with Free Coins

You can get followers for your Instagram account with free coins directly. You can get free coins on the app via doing tasks published by others or via sharing Followers Gallery. Then you can publish your own tasks of getting Instagram followers.

Get Instagram Followers with Free Coins

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With just the above three step, you can get 10k or more free Instagram follower. But please kindly note that it is normal that some followers may unfollow. To maintain your followers and avoid being unfollowed, the most reliable method is to post more high-quality interesting and useful photos or videos to attract and retain your followers.

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