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5 Best Instagram Giveaway Apps to Run Giveaways & Contests Easier

Top apps for Instagram giveaways! Instagram giveaway app is used to boost giveaways Instagram followers. Check 5 best Instagram contest apps to make giveaways easy!

Updated 2023-01-19 17:23:55 | by Beling

Instagram offers a wonderful platform for businessmen or individuals to build up brand visibility, increase popularity and promote business. And to get a faster result, many people run Instagram giveaways to attract new followers quickly. But the issue is that it requires a lot of time and effort to make it true in manual ways. Luckily, you can rely on the Instagram giveaway app to make running Instagram giveaways and contests much easier.

5 Best Instagram Giveaway Apps to Run Giveaways & Contests Easier

In this article, you’ll find 5 best giveaway app for Instagram choices for automating Insta giveaways and activities and 2 extra bonus tips. Let’s check it out.

Title List

What is an Instagram Giveaway App?

What is an Instagram giveaway app? Basically, it refers to a tool that helps users automate giveaways or contests on Instagram to attract new followers, so you don’t have to analyze followers, organize contests, select and give out prizes, etc., on your own. With the wonderful tool, everything goes simple and convenient. And your goal of boosting followers to 1k, 5k and more is not a dream anymore.

Why RunInstagram Giveaways withInstagram Giveaway App?

After learning the basic meaning of apps for Instagram giveaways, here comes the second problem: why should you launch Instagram giveaways? Well, there are several benefits for running IG giveaways with Instagram giveaway applications.

Why Run Instagram Giveaways with Instagram Giveaway App

  • Get solid, sustainable, and organic growth of Instagram followers.
  • Attract more new followers who have never seen your account before.
  • Boost followers engagement rate based on your free Instagram followers.
  • Increase conversion rate by almost 189% and promote your business.

Since it’s rather favorable for your Instagram account to run giveaways, here are top 5 Instagram giveaway apps recommended to you. Read on to figure it out.

Top 5 Instagram Giveaway Apps to Boost Your Instagram

To get the best Instagram giveaway app free that boosts your Instagram efficiently, there are 5 apps for Instagram giveaways for you. Let’s check which is the best app for giveaways one by one.

1. AiGrow

AiGrow is the top 1 Instagram giveaway picker and a tool for random winner generator. It helps grow your followers organically by choosing a random winner among followers. Also, the Instagram giveaway app free offers a wide range of other valuable features for Instagram accounts, likeInstagram scheduling for Instagram stories, posts, and reels and management on sending automated DMs, etc.

Free Instagram Giveaway Picker to Boost Your Instagram - AiGrow

2. Gleam

Gleam is the second free Instagram giveaway picker app for you. Unlike AiGrow which contains multiple features, Gleam focuses only on giveaway running services. With this free Instagram giveaway tool, you can run giveaways on different social media accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Furthermore, the Instagram contest app offers multiple templates for you to choose, making Instagram followers hack 50k free much easier.

Instagram Giveaway Apps to Boost Your Instagram - Gleam

3. Woorise

Besides, Woorise is a wonderful all-in-one tool that helps you create and run contests on Instagram. Although it doesn’t offer templates like Gleam, Woorise supports a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to design your giveaway unique, such as making forms, landing pages, and widgets all in one place. More importantly, you’re allowed to monitor your contest and view the leads that come in with Instagram giveaway app free.

Alt: Instagram Giveaway Apps to Boost Your Instagram - Woorise

4. Rafflecopter

Similar to Gleam, Rafflecopter can be the best app for Instagram giveaway which offers templates of forms. And it will track the participants of your giveaways so that you can have an insight of the whole process. While the issue is that there’s no free version, and the pricing might be a bit expensive for an app that only offers these options. More economically, you can directly buy Instagram followers at a lower cost.

Instagram Giveaway Apps to Boost Your Instagram - Rafflecopter

5. InstaBom

The last app for Instagram giveaway is called InstaBom. Similarly, you are able to use it to choose a random winner for your Instagram contest or giveaway. Also, the Instagram contest app supports automatic following, liking, comments, story views. But the only downside is that this tool is free for up to 100 comments. And there’s no free Instagram followers trial, for more services, you have to make subscriptions.

Free Instagram Giveaway Picker to Boost Your Instagram - InstaBom

That’s all the 5 best Instagram giveaway applications to get Instagram giveaway kostenlos online, you must be enlightened by the comprehensive introductions of each app’s uniqueness. No matter which one you prefer, just have a try!

Bonus Tip 1: Running Giveaways Without Instagram Giveaway Apps

Besides the best free Instagram giveaway picker, there are other tips for you to run giveaways without tools. You can check them and have a try and get giveaways Instagram followers if necessary.

  • Pick a theme for the giveaway

Attractive giveaways always require a fantastic theme. If you want to catch more participants to your contests, you have to find a trendy theme at that time, such as holiday-based topics, famous festivals, or hot news which are related to your marketing goals.

  • Build hype on your Insta account

If this is your first time to launch a giveaway, it’s necessary to build up your brand visibility before running the activity. So you’d better establish some hype on your Instagram account for some days in advance.

  • Select a prize thatpeople like

Without the Instagram giveaway app, you have to select the prize for the winner of the giveaway. Please note that make sure to choose a prize that everyone will like, otherwise, no one will be active to participate in the contest.

  • Cooperate withother brands

Lastly, you can also partner with other big brands to run the giveaway, which will ensure more Instagram users on both parts to know the activity and engage in.

Bonus Tip 2: Best App to Boost Instagram Followers

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The Bottom Line

To conclude, you’re free to try all the 5 Instagram giveaway apps to launch funny giveaways and boost your Instagram followers as you like. Moreover, there’s a directer and easier way: download GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to get fast Instagram increase free without any giveaways.