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How to Get Free Instagram Followers Fast in 2023? 10 Surefire Ways

How to get Instagram followers fast in 2023? Content is the king and we have some tricks to blow your mind! Each one will help get more followers on Instagram.

Updated 2023-01-09 12:45:13 | by Colin

How to Get New Instagram Followers Fast?

Imagine you are working on a great idea for your Instagram campaign. You spend day and night doing the research, brainstorming and discussing. After all those stressful and intense days, your team has finally figured out a perfect caption, picture and hashtags.

Then you click the share button immediately with excitement and expectations, only to find your competitor has taken one step ahead of you. He/she has grabbed most potential followers away with a similar Instagram campaign.

That is the moment that you probably would like to get more free Instagram followers fast. So you won’t miss any opportunity to gain engagement, exposure and achieve the final goal - sales.

But how to get new Instagram followers fast?

Here in this blog we've prepared 10 ways for you. Whether you’re wondering how to get more Instagram followers cheating or how to get new Instagram followers without following, content should always be your priority. On the other hand, since Instagram is all about visual effects, you should upload high-quality pictures and you can never underestimate the power of content planning, captions, hashtags, etc. Moreover, it is necessary to keep an eye on your competitors. What they are doing can also be your source of inspiration.

Title List

1. Content Is the Key Factor to Get Instagram Followers Fast

Do you know what the goal of Instagram is? Connect our world? Give us a place to share our lives? Yes, they are true but not 100% correct. In fact, Instagram wants to keep us spending as much time as possible on it, so it can generate more profits. Perhaps, some of you are wonder how come right now. The answer is simple. The Instagram algorithm will discover excellent creators and it'll reward them with more exposure.

Based on a theory called “topical authority”, the Instagram algorithm will analyze your profile, trying to figure out to which niche your Instagram page is belonging. Then it will promote your content to those who has showed a similar interest in that niche if you are receiving good engagement.

What can we learn from it? - We should help the Instagram algorithm to understand your account!

In other words, you have to find your focus. It is always better to post something with a cohesive topic. For example, if you want to grow a dog Instagram page, a profile with most posts about corgi is much more identifiable than a profile that posts all kinds of dogs. Consequently, the former is also much more easier to get new Instagram followers fast.

2. Upload High-Quality Pictures to Instagram

Low-quality pictures can be the reason of your devices, but mostly, derive from being compressed by Instagram. According to Instagram, you should “upload a photo with a width of at least 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5”. Otherwise, any photo that is over the standard will go through image compression, so you lose the details of your picture. What’s worse, you lose the chance to get free Instagram followers every 24 hours. So, you're highly recommended to re-size your pictures beforehand with the help of tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

3. Express Your Personality

High-quality pictures are a must but they are not enough to help you get Instagram followers fast. What matters more are personalities and consistent aesthetic style. Tired of the magazine-like posts of everyone's Instagram, audiences expect to see new things. And your uniqueness doesn't even need to follow the so-called "high-quality photos". For example, we enjoy Instagram memes so much that we never complain that they're too messy or too ugly. Instead, the consistent aesthetic style of meme accounts makes itself easily recognizable and self-promoting. Plus a good caption, no wonder it gets new followers fast.

How to Get Instagram Followers Fast Like Instagram Meme Accounts

4. Optimize Your Posts with Long Captions

Apart from high-quality pictures, a fully optimized post has a thoughtful caption. A good caption plays a very important role in helping you get Instagram followers fast. Though hard to say which caption is good, one thing for sured, you should do it with your heart, feel it, and live with it.

Hootsuite's study finds out that “long captions collects more engagements and comments". But in most cases, that still depends you. Just remember to break your captions into paragraphs when it is too long. In terms of the content, don't be too self-obsessed but offer some value. Usually, you get free Instagram followers fast if you provide universally shared experiences or emotions. Sarcasm works very well too. In addition, don't forget calls-to-action if it is necessary.

Look at rinasonline’s two posts with the same picture. Why does the second one outperform the first one? The answer lies in the magic of the caption. To ensure a better reader experience, both broke the captions into two parts and organized tags and hashtags well. However, the second post used a longer caption telling us more details and added a call-to-action at the end.

How to Get Instagram Followers Fast with Long Captions

5. Don't Forget to Add Hashtags and Tags

If you’re struggling with how to get Instagram followers fast in 2023, you'd better learn how to reach more potential followers first. The help of the Instagram algorithm is one way, hashtags are another way to facilitate you to be discovered by more new Instagram followers.

The most common theory about how to use hashtags is to find relevant and trending hashtags in your niche. However, many people end up with in an intense competition because the more popular the keyword is, the harder it becomes to rank high in the hashtag searches. Therefore, your goal is finding the hashtags that are less competitive and best describes your content. Instead of copying and pasting Instagram hashtags randomly, a tool called Flick will reduce much burden for you.

On top of that, you'd better tag an account in your post and @mention it in your Instagram caption ideas as well, for some viewers won’t click on your post to see who’s been tagged. If you @mention them in your caption, nobody gonna miss it.

How to Get 1K Followers on Insatgram in 5 Minutes

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How to Use Followers Gallery to Get New Instagram Followers? - Step 3

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How to Use Followers Gallery to Get New Instagram Followers? - Step 4

7. Post at the Best Time

What is the best time to post on Instagram requires more analysis since your potential Instagram followers are all over the world from all walks of life. They are active on Instagram at different times. But ss reported by Later, lunchtime and evenings are the best times to post on Instagram. If you want a more accurate answer, open your Instagram insights to check out the detailed performance of your post. Look at how askaniamedia uses Insights to find out her best time to post.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

8. Cross-promote Your Content on Different Platforms

If you want to get Instagram followers fast, why not cross-promoting your content on different platforms while it costs you nothing to generate new content? No costs, however, don’t mean you just cross-promote the same thing with the help of Instagram automation tools. It is risky to do that because viewers may see you not taking them seriously. You should at least resize the pictures because the format varies from one to another. For example, the pictures are smaller on Twitter and longer on Pinterest. Captions can also be adjusted a little bit. And don't forget a call-to-cation and drop your link to urge viewers to follow you on Instagram.

Look at the cross-promoting example from Adidas on Instagram and Twitter.
How to Cross Promote on Instagram to Get More Followers

9. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers

As the saying goes, “the best things come in small packages.” You can never overlook the value of micro-influencers, whose followers are between 1000 to 100,000. Why?First of all, it costs you less to collaborate with micro-influencers. Secondly, unlike mega-influencers, micro-influencers are easier to nurture their communities. In return, their engagement rate is usually high, building more trust between both sides. Thirdly, micro-influencers have more targeted Instagram followers. Those are the reasons why micro-influencers help you get Instagram followers fast and effectively.

10. Make the Best Use of All the Features on Instagram

  • Instagram Stories

Probably few of us resist clicking those red circles once we open Instagram. Accordingly, more than 500 million people interact with Instagram stories every day. You can not miss the chance to boost followers on Instagram either. Therefore, create your Instagram stories consistently to get more Instagram story views and view others’ Instagram stories enthusiastically to get yourself on to the list of others’ story viewers. In this way, you can hack more exposure.

  • Search and Explore Page

Many of you are eager to skyrocket your followers by landing on the Explore page but dismayed by the difficulty to beat Instagram algorithm. With the invention of IGTV and Reel, however, you can relive the anxieties a little bit because both offer you access to the Explore page. You can boost followers on Instagram by either sharing your Reels to Explore page or creating your IGTV within there.

  • Instagram Promotion

Some of you might dislike filming videos but hope to boost Instagram followers by posting pictures. Well, there is still a way for you to hack more exposure. Do you know what is Instagram promotion? Convert your account to business account first, then choose the post you want to promote, set a goal, and launch the promotion. As a result, you become visible on tons of people’s feeds.

The Bottom Line

How to get new Instagram followers is different from how to get Instagram followers cheating. You don’t purchase fake or bot followers but use the right strategies. It can be your consist high-quality content. It can also be GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery.

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