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Free Instagram Likes Trial Experiment - You Deserve a Better Alternative to Get More Free Likes within Minutes

We did an experiment of testing 20 free Instagram likes trials, ranging from 10 likes to 50 likes. Check out what happens and a better alternative to get more likes.

Updated 2021-10-15 18:28:21 | by Colin

Whether Instagram hides likes or not, the role that the heart button plays on Instagram never changes. Likes are forever an indispensable part of the feed ranking. So the posts with no likes will drown in the sea of Instagram as before.

Luckily, the Instagram growth service continues flourishing, and people feel Instagram likes trial worth a try always, even though most free trials can be tested once only. After that, you have to pay for their services.

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If you want more instant and real likes without spending a penny, there are two solutions in this blog. One way is to follow the 20 Instagram likes trials that has been tested on Instagram. Another way is to try a better alternative than the free daily Instagram likes trial. Without password nor any survey needed, you’ll gain unlimited Instagram likes for free.

What Is Instagram Likes Trial?

In brick-and-mortar stores, customers often get free samples such as a small portion of perfume from a luxury brand. Likewise, free trial is a marketing strategy used in software products or online services. It allows customers to test for free what they might purchase in the future, aiming to boost sales with a more comfortable and trustworthy experience.

In terms of a free Instagram likes trial, it is one part of the Instagram growth services that attracts Instagrammers to buy Instagram likes. You can use the trial for free once only. Thereafter, it costs you money to continue their services. In the following part, there are 20 free Instagram likes trial to use, check it out!

The Experiment of 20 Free Instagram Likes Trials in 2021

As there are numerous of free daily Instagram likes trials, you can garner a bunch of instant and auto Instagram likes from various free Insta.nets or apps. Here we have tested a list of 20 free Instagram like trials 2021 that are workable and safe. With only your Instagram username and e-mail address input, you’ll gain dozens of free Instagram likes no password needed within several minutes. Follow this guide and crack the puzzle about how to get more Instagram likes for free!

The Preparation of the Experiment of Free Instagram Likes Trial

Before the experiment of free Instagram likes trial starts, I registered a new Instagram account named “psycolindukk”. I also posted one picture. It is about the robot art creation of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. We will use this post to see how many free Instagram likes we’ll get from free daily Instagram likes trials. Meanwhile, I registered a new Gmail account, for those trials ask for it.

The Preparation of the Free IG Likes Trial Daily

10 Free Instagram Likes Trial Instantly

In the experiment of getting 10 Instagram auto likes through free trials, I tested 9 trials, only to find 4 trials that have fulfilled their promises to delivery 10 free Instagram likes instantly. They are

  • It starts to delivery as soon as I click “Done”.
  • It is slower than Blastup free likes but still quick. Probably it took 30 seconds to send 10 free IG likes.
  • It is very slow and I had to confirm the trial in my G-mail. However, it works.
  • The delivery speed of instapromote free likes is slow, but you can change your email to get 10 free Instagram likes trial many times.

As a result, the post has received about 40 free likes in total, with 10 each from Stormlikes, Instapromote, Blastup, and Instagrowing.

Get 10 Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial

At the same time, there are also 5 trials that are not working. We have tested them, so you can save your time. They are

  • This one should work but somehow the e-mail verification keeps failing.
  • It starts to countdown when I filled out the information but nothing happened when it was done.
  • It is a crappy website with messy designs. No any trial at all, they just want you to buy.
  • The socialwick free likes require a "Redeem Voucher", which I have no idea of what it is. So the attempt to get 10 free Instagram likes from Socialwick free likes trial failed.
Socialwick Free Likes Trial on Instagram.png

Free 20 Instagram Likes Trial Instantly

Remember, now the post starts with 41 likes. Let’s see how many it will get after trying free 20 Instagram likes trial. In the two trials, one is working, while the another one is uncertain.

  • It works but you have to find their “Conformation Code” in the Spam section of your G-mail.

Not Working:

  • It is unsure working or not because it requires you to complete surveys.

Now you take a look at the like count. It has reached 62 because of the 20 free Instagram likes from the trial of

20 Free Daily Instagram Free Likes Trial

25 Free Instagram Likes Trial No Survey

Belt up! Here comes 25 Instagram likes free trial no survey. This time two of them are working and they are pretty quick.

  • The real free Instagram daily likes trial! 25 free Instagram likes delivery fast and you can activate it once every day.
  • It delivers 25 real likes instantly. You can use the trial every day!

Not Working:

  • It requires you to complete surveys before getting 25 free Instagram likes. Down below is the screenshot of those surveys.

Fanexplozion 25 Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial Requires Survey

You see, we have 50 likes more! Now it is 112 likes thanks to 25 Instagram likes free trial no survey!

25 Instagram Likes Free Trial No Survey & Every Day

50 Free Instagram Likes Trial No Password

If you have also heard about getting 50 free Instagram likes trial, we tested 6 of them, too. To your dismay, there is only one working.

  • It delivers 52 free likes in 5 seconds! The likes has accumulated 164 now!
Instashop 50 Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial

Not Working:

  • I tried InstaMama to get 50 more free Instagram likes for the same post, but the likes didn’t show up.
  • It says trial but actually costs 1 $.
  • They ask me to check their email in spam box of my Gmail. Lol.
  • They announce that their free Instagram trial is unavailable now. There are only paid services.
  • Socialshaft free likes seem not working at the moment.

Social Shaft 50 Free Instagram Likes Trial Doesn’t Work

The Downsides of 10 - 50 Free Instagram Likes Trial

As you can see, the free Instagram trial likes can be tested once only and the whole process is exhausting and time-consuming. On top of that, it is impossible to get free Instagram likes no verification. You have to give your e-mail address to every free Instagram likes trial. What’s worse, in the experiment of trying those 20 free IG likes trials, only 7 of them are working. What a waste of time and energy! In consequence, this blog wants to introduce you a better alternative. You’ll get unlimited Instagram followers for free without password, survey or verification needed. Keep reading!

Better Alternative Than IG Likes Trials Daily to Get Unlimited Free Likes

Let’s come straight to the point. The better alternative is called Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, a free Instagram likes booster app as well as an Instagram followers generator. Unlike free Instagram likes trial once only, you can get unlimited free Instagram likes on Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery as long as you work hard to earn coins.

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How It Works?

Coins are the most important currency in Followers Gallery. You get them by liking or following profiles you like on the front page. Of course, you can skip those you are not interested in. With enough coins, you can choose a free Instagram likes package, then your profile will appear on the front page, too. Other Instagrammers will like your posts in exchange for coins.

Besides that, there are a lot of coin hacks, the best ways to get Instagram likes with coins. For example, you can claim daily rewards, open treasure box, join lucky draw, share Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to your friends, or verify your e-mail only once. You see, since your chance to earn coins is unlimited, free Instagram likes are unlimited, too.

How to Use Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery?

Step 1: Free download it on your devices. Android and iOS users are available to click the link down below.

Step 2: Login and add your Instagram username. You will be rewarded with 600 coins!

How to Use Followers Gallery to Start Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial - Step 2Step 3: Start getting coins through various hacks.

How to Use Followers Gallery to Start Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial - Step 3Step 4: Choose a plan to get your unlimited free likes or followers.

How to Use Followers Gallery to Start Free Daily Instagram Likes Trial - Step 4

The Bottom Line

After testing 20 free Instagram likes trial, to be honest, free daily Instagram likes trial is not a good idea. It not only wastes you a lot of time but also leaks your e-mail address to different free insta.nets. A better alternative is to start using Followers GalleryGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, a real free Instagram likes booster that will bring you unlimited free Instagram likes and followers. No fake followers or likes are welcomed in the community but only authentic Instagrammers from all over the world.

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