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Download GBInsta Mod APK to Enjoy More Instagram Features [Latest Version]

GB Instagram apk is a modified version of official Instagram with more funny features and useful functions. Download the latest version of GBInsta APK now.

Updated 2023-05-06 15:06:40 | by Grace

Sharing posts on Instagram has been a daily activity for many people, especially those youngers. For some reason, the function of downloading images and videos on Instagram directly has been blocked. Many people seek third-party apps to download Instagram posts, stories, IGTVs, or more. Now things will be different. With GB Insta mod apk, a well-modified app of the official Instagram, you can make the most use of more functions and features on Instagram that will be introduced in the article. With the app, you can enjoy more Instagram features without payment and risk.

GBInsta Mod APK

Title List

What Is GBInsta Apk?

Simply speaking, GB Insta apk (full name is GB Instagram apk) is another modified version of Instagram with more additional features not available on the official Instagram. One of the most convenient and useful functions of GB Insta apk is that it allows you to download Instagram posts, stories, and videos instantly, no need to be assisted by any third-party app. It has the same interface with Instagram. And you can use it smoothly and enjoy more fun if your Android system version is 4.1 and above.

Additional Features of GB Insta Mod Apk

Compared with Instagram, GBInstagram mod apk has more features users can apply within the app to increase Instagram followers and likes. In this part, the steps to use main additional features on the mod apk will be guided with pictures.

Feature 1: Download Instagram Posts, Videos & Stories

As long as you’ve used Instagram for a certain time or you’ve learned its functions, you know that Instagram has prevented its users to download posts and stories directly within the app. So third-party apps have been designed and listed in the market, like FastSave, Insaver, Video Downloader, and so on. If you have downloaded and installed GB Instagram apk, third-party apps can be removed right now as it allows you to download Instagram posts, videos and stories easily.

To download Instagram images and videos on Feed, tap the three dot, tap the “GB options” button, then tap “Download”. If you want to download Instagram stories, tap the three dot and tap “Download”. You can download stories easily.

GB Insta APK - Download Posts & Stories

Feature 2: View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Searching on the ways to view Instagram stories anonymously, you may find one hot article titled 5 tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously, in which organic traffic has surpassed 40,000 in a month. In the article, there are 5 ways: view IG stories under the airplane mode, with Chrome Extension, with the online viewer, with apps for Android or iOS, and the last one is with the help of Siri Shortcuts. A really complete guide for everyone to view insta stories anonymously.

GBInsta apk, however, enables you to view Instagram stories anonymously without getting assistance from other tools. Tap your profile at first. Then tap the gear icon on the top of the screen. Choose the “Privacy” option and tick the checkbox with the words “Hide View Stories”.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Feature 3: Copy Instagram Posts’ Captions (Hashtags)& Comments Easily

What if you want to copy other users’ captions and comments for reference or other purposes? If you are still using the copy function of your phone or finding shortcuts to copy captions and comments, you’re out of date. GB Insta apk allows you to complete copy and paste with several taps only.

Install and open GBInsta apk, then tap the post's captions or comment you want to copy. Then long-press the blank in the caption or comment, and tap the right corner button to copy the captions, hashtags or comment to the clipboard. With several taps, the copy and paste steps are done.

Copy IG Posts’ Captions (Hashtags) & Comments

Feature 4: Highly Customisable Screen Colors

GBInsta apk has provided more personalized options and the screen color is one. Almost all screen colors on the mod apk can be converted into another color that you like: conversation screen, main/chat screen, comments screen, notification screen, profile screen. When you open the GBInstagram apk, you may feel that you open another brand new world on Instagram: a more flexible, personalized, and funny world.

Here the article takes how to change and customize Instagram comment screen color as an example. The first step is to enter the GBInstagram setting which is the “gear” icon on the profile page. Choose the “Comments Screen” option under the “APPEARANCE” item. Comments background, name color, date color, comment color, like count color, reply color, like icon, text entry background... You can change all of these colors and customize them. The following picture is the customized comment color, like count color and text entry color.

Customize Screen Colors on GBInsta

Except for the above 5 features, there are other features on GBInsta apk, like share and copy images and video URLs, or set up new themes for the Instagram interface. Download it now to enjoy Instagram with better experience. Don’t forget to make sure that the installed package from unknown sources is enabled.

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Pros and Cons of GB Insta APK

Instagram is the official Instagram app while GB Instagram apk is released from other developers works well on Android devices. The latter has the same main features as the official version: IG Stories, IGTV, Instagram Reels. Besides, it has added small but interesting and personalized functions. As it is not subject to Instagram, so there is no ban or restriction system. So it can be taken as a GB Instagram pro apk. The pros and cons are listed.


  • More features and functions
  • No ban issues
  • No root needed
  • Update frequently with official Instagram


  • Cannot apply to vanish mode in Direct Message

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End Up

GB Insta apk is one of the mod apks of Instagram. Even though not developed by Instagram, it is safe enough to use if you download it from official legit websites. It updates with Instagram and tries to provide more functions and features to help you get involved in Instagram in a more interesting and comfortable way. If you want to use Instagram followers hack to increase your following, don’t miss the great chance to use GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery by tapping the button below.

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