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3 Working Ways to Download Private Instagram Stories in 2020

Learn 3 ways to download someone’s private Instagram Stories including photos and videos On PC, Android and iOS devices anonymously without taking screenshots.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

You may have tried a lot of methods to download private Instagram stories but to no valid. Trust me. I have been there. Unlike a public Instagram story, you cannot even copy the link of a private Instagram story from the Instagram app. Now that you are reading this, your search has ended.

Download Private Instagram Stories

In this article, you will learn 3 different methods to download any Instagram story from a private account whether it is a video or picture. It is not about taking screenshots or recording the screen and you can download the original image or video file with the same quality on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

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Free Private Instagram Story Downloader App

First thing first, you need to be able to view the Instagram story before you can download it. If someone sets the Instagram account to private, you need to follow her or him to view the post or stories. If you can view the story, then you can proceed.

For public accounts, there are many online downloader tools that you can use to download their Instagram stories. However, you’d better use a dedicated app for saving or reposting private Instagram stories.

For Android users, you can use a free app called StorySaver for Instagram, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. With some simple steps, you can download Instagram stories to your Camera Roll or any other folder on your Android phone.

As mentioned, this app will require your Instagram account ID and password to access the private Instagram story that you want to download and then download it for you. Once logged in, the program will display all the available stories that you can download whether they are from a private account or public account.

If you have followed too many accounts, it may be hard to find the story that you want to download in a glace. This app provides a search bar where you can search for the username to find stories from any user. Once you find the story that you want to download, this app allows you to save, repost, and share the private Instagram story in one button click.

ReShare Instagram Story

For iOS users, you can use a similar app, called ReShare Story for Instagram. You can free download it from AppStore. It allows you to save private Instagram stories on your iPhone or iPad or reshare it to your Instagram.

In addition, you can manage multiple accounts and their content within this app. It also comes with a Story Creator tool that allows you to recreate your old photos or videos with the current date.

A lot of similar apps like this have been discontinued, this one still works. It is a blessing. The only problem with this app is ads. You will see lots of ads while using this app. You can also pay some fee to remove all ads.

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Download Private Instagram Stories on PC

If you are using a computer, whether it is running Windows or macOS, you can use a simple chrome extension called IG stories for Instagram to download and view Instagram private stories from the desktop.

Once installed, you can view all Instagram stories on your desktop easily, of course, private Instagram stories included. When you tab to view any Instagram story, there is a Download button above the story image or video. You can just click on it to save the private Instagram story on your hard drive. What’s more. You can use the Download All button to download all Instagram story videos and photos.

What if you prefer Firefox over Chrome, you can use the Firefox addon called StoriesWatcher, which works the same. It will also allow you to download any story on Instagram.

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Private Instagram Story Downloader Shortcut

For advanced iOS users, you can also use the stock app called Shortcuts to download private Instagram story to your iPhone Camera Roll. Shortcuts is a powerful app for automation provided by Apple. People have used it to do things that you have never thought your iPhone can. However, there is a little bit of learning curve, so many more have just ignored this app.

If you want to give it a try, you just keep reading to know every detail. Shortcuts is pre-install on each iOS 13 or later device. If somehow you cannot find it, you can free download it from AppStore whenever you want.

Once you have the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow the steps below to download private Instagram stories.

Step 1. Open this link to get the Instagram Media Saver shortcut, which can be used to download Instagram story, post images, videos, or HD profile.

Step 2. As mentioned, there is Copy Link option in Instagram app for private stories, so you need to log into your Instagram account on Safari and navigate to the story page that you want to download.

Private Instagram Story Downloader Shortcut

Step 3. Tap the Safari share button and select the Instagram Media Saver shortcut. Sometimes, you may need to refresh the Safari page and try this again.

Step 4. Now the shortcut will run and bring you the photo and video content to show you in a quick look. If it looks good, you can tap the Share icon to save the private Instagram story to your iPhone camera roll.

If you’re like me and never used Shortcuts before, you have to do some legwork as below to get the process started.

1. Go to Shortcuts and create one shortcut.

2. Drag any action into your shortcut and run it. It doesn’t matter what you make because you won’t be using it.

3. Go to Settings -> Shortcuts and toggle on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

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That’s all the 3 ways to download private Instagram stories on Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS. You should only use these methods for editional or personal use. If you want to repost private Instagram stories downloaded from others, you should ask permission first and give credit to the original author.