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Tips for Instagram Highlight Reel: Creating, Free Covers, Optimizing Ideas

You want to create an Instagram highlight reel?Attractive icons will bring unexpected effects to your brand. This post shows great icons and ideas.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Rainer

Why can someone’s stories be preserved indefinitely, arranged like an Instagram highlight reel? Do you feel a little moved, when you click into others’ profile pages and find that their highlight story reel has so many stories and highlight reel views?

Nowadays, it is a trend to display products on Instagram, but formerly brand owners can only release stories temporarily (those stories disappear quickly in 24 hours). Instagram highlight reel, as an incredible tool for business, has been being an increasingly hot event to present and spread their brand in this future! Come and create your own brand reel to attract viewers and customers!

Instagram Highlight ReelIn this post, you'll learn what highlight reel is and how to create it. And this post will also provide you 5 ideas on reel icons, names, followers for views, and other strategies to optimize to make effects on your business.

What is Instagram Highlight Reel

Normally, you can view Instagram stories within 24 hours since it is released, and after that, it will disappear. A short life of it is only witnessed by a few viewers, while other potential customers miss it for either heavy work or busy engagement.

Therefore, in order to enrich the Instagram function and the demand of users to retain their wonderful moments, the Instagram team launched highlight reel.

In short, highlight reel is an expanded place to show stories lastingly on your profile page, with diverse collections, personalized icons and self-defined names, etc.

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Features and advantages of reel

Classification collection: Instagram higlight reel has a row of icons (stories collection). Compared with general stories or even posts, it has more user-friendly designs: Users have more options to define their own reel names, ideas and icons, and select or remove stories from highlight reel.

Long-term preservation: Unlike general stories, highlight reels stories will be left forever unless you remove it.

Once you create highlight reel, they would appear on your profile page, like a line, below the IG bio and above your feed. And You can click on those icons to browse any stories reel of collections.

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How to Create an Instagram Highlight Reel

Although you can share short stories every day, long-lasting highlight stories can be seen by new viewers at a glance, so it is worth planning carefully. Do you would like to have your own highlight reel? How to do that? This part kicks off. Depending on whether you have archived stories, there are two ways to create it.

Method 1 (From active story)

Step 1: Post a story.

Step 2: Add it into your highlight reel.

  • Click into an active story.
  • Hit the bottom button highlight.
  • Tap the plus button to create a new highlight.
  • Take a name and icon for this highlight stories collection.
  • Tap the Done button.

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Method 2 (From archived stories)

If you have the archive option activated before, your stories will be saved on your account automatically. And you could select archived stories that you would like to highlight into highlight reels with the following steps:

Step 1: Select archived stories. Toggle to your profile page and tap story highlights > Hit the plus button > Hit to select stories/photos you want to highlight and click next button.

How to Create Highlight Reel

Step 2: Edit highlight to start. Click Edit Cover button to choose which story as the icon or upload one > Add a name for it > Tap Done.

Create Reels from Archived Stories

If you’ve been active on it for a while now, you may notice that you have to post your videos or posts to Story first, which will remain live for 24-hour, before you can save it to Instagram highlights. But how to add Instagram highlights without adding to story? Luckily, there’s a method to this issue.

Step 1: Prevent others from viewing stories.

Step 2: Add stories to highlight reels after 24 hours.

Step 3: Unhide your stories to others.

To remove stories from highlight reel, you could tap three-dot icon on every stories or photos and select remove from highlight option

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Tips for Instagram Highlight Reel Icons/Covers

As the above mentioned, no matter which creation method is adopted, it always goes through this step of selecting a personalized Instagram highlight reel icons. As the first impression that highlight brings to viewers and an important part of profile page, an outstanding icon can easily attract users to click highlight reel for the first time. And it is also a window to show the characteristics and themes of stories collections.

Since it is so important, let's see:

What should be a great icon?

1. Focus on the center. Only the center of one image will be kept, so you should place the core thing you want to express in the middle.

2. Amazing colors. A picture with eye-catching colors or just concise and solid colors, is awesome to attract attention and satisfy people’s curiosity. For example, if your product is characterized by organic or green plants, reel icons could be painted in green.

Highlight Reel Icons Red

3. Brand logo or series trademark. Icons here are like milestones for each of your series of the brand. If viewers get familiar with one of them, they may be fascinated by those related new products. Then you get a new deal.

4. Text show cool attitude. People often see covers first instead of texts. But combining the two, more information is delivered on covers so that your supporters would strongly like and follow your highlight reels.

Highlight Reel Icons Text

5. Less is more. A simple concept image or even a white wordless picture attracts viewers to explore what is behind the icon.

Free covers for highlight reels

If you have massive ideas on image design, output your inter-world! If you don’t have ideal Instagram highlight reel icons, here are some free tools or resources.

1. Pinterest. An number of various images shared on this website, including free Instagram highlight covers, and you will find your exclusive icons eventually.

2. Canva. Where you could use lots of Instagram highlight reel templates provided on this website, then delete or add elements, colors, stickers and contents, etc.

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Other Ideas/Strategies to Attract Customers [Story Idea]

1. Increase reels views. Instagram highlight reel could present more details and personalities of you or concept and features of your products, so don’t waste this good Ad section. But how to get millions of Instagram highlight reel views and likes?

In addition to the creativity and attractiveness of the content and form itself, you could advertise brand by having followers up. Once You have a larger real followers base, the Instagram highlight reel views would be rolled to achieve the purpose of promotion, which means your products would be known by thousands of real persons, especially for new business without big exposure.

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Step 4: Gain coins from following others or liking their posts.

Gain Coins from Following Others

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2. Select innovative content. A great object is half the battle. For the selection of stories’ object, you could share pets, families or favorite music. And you could also display material used in the product, the production process, the advertisement for new series, brand ambassadors, etc.

3. Keep clear categories. Presenting a different series of goods is not an easy task, because there are so many branches under each category over time. And you could take some inspiration from Sephora like this, whose beauty products can be easily found for viewers.

Sephora Highlight Reel

Need to know

Pay attention! Two things need to know about the Instagram highlights reel.

  • 100 Posts or stories at most into unlimited categories.
  • Only stories that have been left for hours can be added to highlight reels.
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Bottom Line

Although you can send short stories freely, highlight reel stories are small advertising windows that you expect to keep for a long-term display. From its outstanding position, you could see its importance for an Instagram account and emphasis of the IG platform. So that all you need to do is taking advantage of this trend and riding the waves for your big IG market.

They are worth spending time in planning well. Don't miss this opportunity to promote your brand and attract viewers.

Hope you find this helpful! And as soon as you finished reading, go create your Instagram highlight reel names and cover images, as well as try to use GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to increase reels views!

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