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Follow Us on Instagram Templates/Captions/Signs Win 10K IG Followers Easily

Want more followers through attractive follow us on Instagram templates/captions/signs? Check for numerous examples and get 10k Instagram followers fast!

Updated 2022-02-17 13:00:43 | by Dale

The Instagram following presents one’s social influence and future potential to some extent. For online marketers, especially brands and Influencers, how to promote their Instagram status and get more followers could be a life-long struggle. This needs the creators to keep boosting new ideas and attracting people to follow you. Then, how to say follow us on Instagram? Here provides numerous templates and examples for your reference. You can also learn some brilliant strategies and tricks to help get millions of IG followers fast with this passage.

Follow Us on Instagram
In addition, follow us on Instagram templates and examples, tools to customize your “follow us on Instagram” and reach over 10k Instagram followers will be provided in this article, too.
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Follow Us on Instagram Signs

For offline shops that own social media platforms and need to promote, a “follow us on Instagram” sign is necessary. People who visited your shop can get the latest information about your products online and people who followed you online may get curious about your shop and visit and consume at the same time. How to write follow us on Instagram then?
In this case, the “follow us on Instagram/ Facebook” signs should be simple, clean, and sharp designed. Simple words like “Follow Us”, the QR codes of your social platforms, and the logos or names of your shops, are all necessary factors for your follow us on Instagram signs. Here are some examples:
Examples of Follow Us on Instagram Signs
After you customize “follow us on Instagram” signs, how to say follow us on Instagram to your customers? Ask for them to help you promote? No, that’s not a good strategy. Instead of asking for a favor and saying thank you, you’d better introduce what values your social accounts are providing daily, and what discounts can they get through the online platforms.
Except for inviting customers to follow you on Instagram, keep attracting new followers and potential customers is the same important and beneficial. This needs you to keep establishing your account and get fresh followers. More tricks for millions of Instagram followers hacking are in the last part, you can jump for fast reading.

Follow Us on Instagram Templates

For online marketers who need to appeal for following on each end of their posts or videos, and leave a shortcut to cross-platform promotions, a nice and attractive “follow us on Instagram” template will help a lot. Instead of being clean and simple for the offline shops, the follow us on Instagram templates online should be beautiful and carefully designed.
First, choose beautiful and proper background pictures for your template. As for the content, what’s your account mainly provides or good at should be properly described, and a link to your home page is necessary, too. Here are some good examples:
Follow Us on Instagram Templates
If you find these existing templates boring and less attractive, try the following tools for a customized design. Except for that, other tools to help you get all real and genuine followers are introduced, just have a look.

Tools to Customize Follow Us on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram signs and templates are easy to design but hard to make them alive. So, here are the platforms and tools that can make your design come into reality. Let’s check them out one by one: help create follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter templates and make your business grow in a few clicks. Here are the steps to make it:
Create Follow Us on Instagram Template with
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Select the template you want to edit.
Step 3. Customize it with images, texts, elements, and logos.
Step 4. Save the changes and download the composition in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
Step 5. Print it or share it on social media.
Dribbble is the leading destination to find & showcase creative work and home to the world's best design professionals. You can get almost every kind of design and template for all sorts of conditions. Here are the steps for follow us on Instagram:
Create Follow Us on Instagram Template with Dribbble
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click the Templates below the Marketplace bar.
Step 3. Search for follow us on Instagram.
Step 4. Choose a template and start to design.
Step 5. Download and share to social media or print.
Visme is another perfect destination for design and business promotion. It helps create visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice. To get follow us on Instagram templates, you need to:
Create Follow Us on Instagram Template with Visme
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click the Social Media Graphics below the Templates bar.
Step 3. Choose a template and start to design.
Step 4. Download and share to social media or print.
Actually, in addition to writing follow us on Instagram for more followers and business opportunities, here are other quick methods to get what you want. The following is a professional tool to help gather loyal Instagram followers for you.

Tool to Reach 10K Instagram Followers Fast

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Get People to Follow Us on Instagram - Step 2
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Get People to Follow Us on Instagram - Step 3

Final Words

This passage shared examples of follow us on Instagram signs, captions, and templates, as well as tools to customize your own follow us on Instagram templates. But for a successful online marketer, that is far less than enough. Instagram is such a big platform that owns over 500 billion daily active users, your business could be much larger if you cultivate on here sufficiently. In this case, a professional tool providing free Instagram followers like the GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery can help a lot, it not only help you gather free Instagram followers and likes, but also expand your follower base for a higher next-level business. Just have a try.
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