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Gain Best Instagram Followers Naturally with 3 Verified IG Followers Apps

Eager to succeed on Instagram in a short time? A step-by-step tutorial leads you to gain the best Instagram followers with the help of apps or in an organic way.

Updated 2021-09-03 09:41:29 | by Ann

Want to get the best Instagram followers for free? You have to be the luckiest person today. But the moment you see this article, it proves that you really are.

After doing a lot of research on how to get high-quality free Instagram followers, we've essentially summarized these approaches into two categories. The first one is starting from the perspective of Instagram account building and content, and the second method is applying the best Instagram followers app to get real followers free.

Best Instagram Followers Apps

By comparison, we can find that the first means is time-consuming and complicated, but the followers obtained are real and active. The second approach works fast with free and paid types, but you have to avoid the trap of fake followers. Today we will talk about how to get the best Instagram followers in two ways, and what to pay attention to when using them.

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How to Gain Best Instagram Followers by Managing Instagram Account?

There are three main parts to managing an Instagram account. The first part is to determine the theme of the account, the second is to publish posts relevant to the theme, and the last is to monitor the traffic data of posted content. The above three parts are closely related and supervise each other.

Determine the Theme

Let's expand the meaning of the topic "Instagram Theme", not limited to the visual consistency of the content. For example, you only post pictures with black background and text. If you're posting videos, make sure you have a uniform stylistic cover for all of your videos, such as a title, a picture, and your logo, with the same elements on each cover in the same place. Meanwhile, you can also use the words in Name and Bio to clearly tell your content. Certainly, it's all about keeping the Instagram theme consistent, impressing the people strongly who click through your profile.

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Post Content That Theme Relevant

Since you’ve indicated the topic about your content in your Bio, such as “Motivational Speaker”. Then all the content on your Instagram is around motivational stuff. How to perform? Posting a simple picture with powerful words,

inspiring stories of historical celebrities and ordinary people, or an exciting talk show with a typography video? It’s up to you, but remember to keep a concise visual effect to the post layout.

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Monitor the Performance

Monitor the Instagram performance provides insight into the views, likes, comments, shares, saves, and followers of each of your posts. You can use Instagram analytics tools such as Insights to obtain performance data for your posts. Then focus on the well-performed posts and find out what's their strengths, and then apply that to your future content. This is a weekly observation, long-term monitoring, and a timely improvement process. After a month you can see the change.

Once you settle down the theme, next you have to come up with content ideas around the theme, then create and post the content. In the final, according to the recorded traffic data to adjust the content in turn. Of course, the adjusted content should not deviate from the theme you have established. So using this virtuous cycle to run your Instagram account persistently, and good luck will come knocking.

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Best Instagram Apps for Followers: How to Get Real Followers Free?

It's not hard to get active, real followers in a short time with the help of Instagram Apps, but the hard part is finding the Best Instagram Followers App, avoiding bots. To save you the hassle, we've screened three highly recommended apps and wish you find the one you're satisfied with.

Followers GalleryGetInstaFollowers Gallery

If you are asked to choose a strange app to get a free Instagram followers trial, what are the first factors you will concern about? Most people must have doubts about its security, the authenticity of followers, and the arrival time of followers. The Followers GalleryGetInstaFollowers Gallery is such a great app for solving these 3 big problems. Its users will like and follow other users within the app which ensures that the followers you get are truly active. And it delivers followers within 24 hours to make sure your account won’t become suspicious for suddenly gain too many followers.

Step 1: Download Followers GalleryGetInstaFollowers Gallery and install it to create your own account.

Step 2: Get coins by liking, following, or sharing.

Step 3: Use coins to gain Instagram followers or free IG likes.

InsFollowers app

Developed by the expert team, as one of the best apps to get Instagram followers - the InsFollowers app allows you to gain followers in a fun way. When you log in to it, you’ll get a reward of coins, and if you like others’ posts or follow users’ accounts, you can also gain coins. This is the freeway to play the coin task game. After you collect enough coins, you can go to the coin store to exchange them for a certain number of best Instagram followers and likes. If you want to have a short way to get a large number of coins for followers, you can also buy Instagram followers real in the store. In this way, all followers you get are surely real, because you are one of them as well.

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How to Use

Step 1: Download the app and sign up to it.

Step 2: Get free followers and likes on the app or pay for it.


Apart from the first two reliable tools, GetInsta is also the best Instagram followers generator. It works on both Android and iOS, allowing organic access to real followers and eliminating bot accounts from using the app. So you don't have to worry about the security of your Instagram account. In addition, it also offers a free feature to optimize your Instagram fonts. You can change your Bio font to add cute stickers and interesting face text.

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How to Use

Step 1: Log in to GetInsta after you download it.

Step 2: Add your Instagram username to your GetInsta account and start the journey to grow followers.


To sum up this article, we have mentioned two main methods to increase the best Instagram followers. One is a long-term strategy, and the other is a fast shortcut. Both methods can help you grow your followers' volume, but they both have their pros and cons. Even you carefully manage Instagram’s growth, the drawback of waiting for a long time is unavoidable.

But if you choose the best Instagram followers app, you can avoid getting fake followers if you make a careful investigation. In this article, we also recommend the 3 best Instagram apps for followers. Among them, the most suitable choice is theFollowers GalleryGetInstaFollowers GalleryGetInstaFollowers Gallery, because it meets the three basic and widely concerned needs of the users: Real Followers, Account Security, and Fast Delivery. Dare to try it? You’ll never regret.

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