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Why Does My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down? [Quick Solution]

If you are suffering the unstable growth of Instagram followers, wondering why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down, this passage will give a good answer.

Updated 2021-07-27 10:31:52 | by Gary

The fluctuation of followers is a common problem for every user of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. And the very fact is that the more followers you possess on either social media platform, the variation of followers will be more obvious and severe. At this very point, one of you may ask:

Why does my followers keep going up and down?

“I’ve made a painstaking effort to cultivate my account, why my followers are still falling?”

Why Does My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down

No worries, this very problem is common, and once you comprehend the reasons behind it, things will be easily solved. And alongside the solutions for the undulation of your followers, is a stable way appended to increase Instagram followers. Let’s jump right to the point!

Title List

Why Does My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down?

Theoretically, there are two major reasons that can cite for the fluctuation of your IG followers. The first reason, which we concluded might be the major cause of you guys’ problem – the natural inflow and outflow of organic audience. The second reason may sound a little bit horrible though – it is the punishment from Instagram that affects your account.

The details are all listed below, check if you have made similar mistakes with them.

  • Inactive status

One of the most important principles to success is posting consistently, sticking to your theme, and being interactive. If your status is inactive, then the organic followers will undoubtedly leave you. (BTW, posting too frequently can harm your account too.)

  • Fake accounts’ following you

You are experiencing an unstable growth of followers and that’s maybe because you’ve become the random target of fake accounts. These zombie followers are beneficial when your follower base is not on a big scale, and in another word, they are insidious to your engagement rate when they are large in number. In the long run, your organic followers will keep declining.

Fake Account Could Harm Your Profile

  • Algorithm changes

The Instagram algorithm is a strong system that determines how your posts will get seen on Instagram. And the occasional changes of them represent that the exposure of your posts might decrease, and that, could result in the slow down of your follower growth speed.

  • People doing Follow Unfollow Method

It’s no shame admitting that you once adopted the Follow Unfollow Method at one point or another. And the shrinking of your followers could be the consequence of unfaithful Instagram users. And to seize them out, eradicate them from your following list, the Instagram Tracker will be a good assistant.

Apart from these points mentioned above, some subtle elements could influence the growth rate of your account too, they could be lacking theme, captions, hashtag, brand name, etc. So, how do we stop losing followers on Instagram, or even better, can we gain more stable followers with another mentality? The answer is positive, let’s read on.

How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram?

The basic method for solving ‘Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down’ is rectifying your mistakes and alongside, doing something to maintain an organic and high engagement rate. Here are 5 remedial actions you can adopt:

  • Check the integrity of your content

The so-called ‘high-quality content’ indicates the cohesiveness of your theme, the carefully written captions, and the accurate hashtags. Please have a surface scan of all your posts, and check if they comprise all the necessary elements of Instagram SEO.

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  • Check if you Interact with your audience frequently

Sincerely respond to your followers’ requests and problems will bind you closer with your audience. If you used to ignore this part, your followers may do not have very strong confidence in you and will leave one day.

  • Check if you leave a good first impression on your audience

Instagram followers could flow to your account from different places, it could be the organic search, the suggested profile, and others following list. But in the end, they will all come to your profile, see your bio and bio letters, highlight covers, etc. And the worst situation is that you fail to leave a good first impression on them and lost the chance to transform them to be your followers.

Pretty Instagram Bio Helps to Attract Stable Followers

  • Get rid of the fake account followers

Note that only if your zombie followers are large in number should you bother to get rid of them. Big quantities of fake followers will lower your engagement rate, risk you being punished by the ‘Shadow Ban’ imposed by Instagram. However, small groups of fake accounts won’t hurt much, you don’t need to worry about them.

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  • Not providing entertainment, valuable content

One important principle that many Instagram users may forget is that they are mean to providing services to your audience. When they fail to produce joyful content, say, the makeup knowledge, game strategy or celebrities’ gossips, no increase of followers will be realized as imagined.

Grow More Organic Followers

If you have troubleshot all the points above, but still make little progress, then the next part is prepared for you. Using an easy, free, trustworthy Instagram follower increaser to free you from the perpetual puzzle – ‘Why does my followers keep going up and down’.

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