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A Complete Guide of Instagram Promotion 2023 - Everything You Need Know about It

Everything about Instagram promotion here in 2023. From A to Z - You will learn all about what is Instagram promotion here. Come and check it out!

Updated 2023-01-05 10:22:51 | by Julian

For whoever wants to make some ads - Instagram will be the perfect choice place for it gives a chance to be seen by millions of users here. What better is Instagram promotion to ensure your ads to be seen by millions. More importantly, it helps to target the audience more accurately. But there are lots of brands that do not really know how to work it out.
No worries. Today the article is going to teach everything about Instagram promotions, starting with "What is Instagram promotion?". Here is what the complete guide is going to teach:

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What is Instagram Promotion?

Promotion is widely known for spreading information about a product and service. It is a part of marketing where also includes publicity, public relationship, and advertising.
Instagram PromotionBut what is promotion on Instagram?
Promotion on Instagram normally is the regular, non-advertisement posts that a user would want to convert to a sponsored post, with elevated reach. The 'Sponsored' tag may appear in the same place, but Instagram treats these posts differently with their algorithm, and give more exposure.
What does Instagram promotion mean for brands?
Instagram promotion is one of the greatest tools to convert potential customers to repeat ones. And it can be done directly from your phone. To create your campaign in the Ads Manager, and you can switch the regular posts to the ads that can be seen by millions.
So, it could be told that Instagram promotions bring:

1. More Brand-Awareness
2. Website Traffic
3. Increase Engagement & Visibility

Don't miss out on Instagram promotion because it has the highest brand-consumer engagement than any other platform out there. Keep reading to know more!

How Instagram Promotion Work?

Instagram offers promotion options. And these are different from the photo, video, carousel, and story ads.
Here’s what you have access to and how Instagram Promotion work:
Promotion Post Shared
Promoting a post on Instagram works the same way. If you have a picture or video that has some likes, comments, and shares, you can promote it.
Promote a Story from your Profile, Highlights, or Stories Archive
It is also similar to boosting a Facebook post, you can promote stories. While limited to those taken with the Instagram camera or in a vertical format. Still, it is very useful!
Create a Promotion from Your Profile
If you’re looking for a quick and direct way of generating some results, you can do so with a fresh new promotion on Instagram campaign. It could be created from your business profile. This option is best if you're unsure which post you'd like to promote and you will learn how to make an Instagram promotion from your profile in just the next section.

You can also promote an Instagram Story to millions. To hack more Instagram Story viewers to make promotion works greatly!

How to Make an Instagram Promotion?

This section is going to tell a dedicated tutorial to make an Instagram promotion in 4 steps:
Step 1: Create a Business Page & Profile > You must have a Facebook Page to run ads & promotions and create a free Business Profile on Instagram.

Instagram Promotion - Step 1Step 2: Set Up Instagram Promotion

Instagram Promotion - Step 2Step 3: Determine Budget > This section will decide how long your promotions will run and what budget you're comfortable with spending.
Step 4: Publish
Now that your Instagram promotion is ready to go, hit publish. You'll get a notification when your promotion on Instagram is approved and ready to run.
Note >>
What is audience name in Instagram promotion? Here is what you need to know when make it works better!
After you've saved your objective and action in promotion on Instagram, click the "Automatic for Audience" to create a target audience for your promotion. You can define your target audience by multiple locations, up to 10 interests, age, and gender so to make your promotion works much better!

Is Instagram Promotion Free?

Instagram promotion is not free but it is much cheaper than all the other kinds of ads. It operates the promotion structure on a Cost-Per-1000 Impressions basis. It means that you will pay a specified amount on the post for every 1,000 people who see it.

Is Instagram Promotion Worth It?

Instagram promotion is 100% worth for whoever wants to find & grow their audience. It helps greatly if you're just starting your career & brand on Instagram. Promoting a post on Instagram will allow you to spread brand awareness and get your content in front of people who may never have stumbled upon it organically more effectively than ever!

Is Instagram Promotion Worth It?

Fix When Can't Delete Instagram Promotion

If you want to delete an Instagram promotion post, you will have to delete the promotion in your account first. Even if the promotion has ended, the original Instagram promotion post must be deleted first before you can delete the post from your profile.
How to delete a promotion on Instagram?

1. Go to your business home page.
2. Click the promotion.
3. Click View "Effectiveness Analysis" under the Instagram promotion you want to delete.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click "Delete Promotion".
5. Return to your personal page.
6. Click the post you want to delete.
7. Select Delete and confirm that you want to remove the post.

And the Instagram promotion post will be removed.
How to fix it when there's an Instagram Error - Can't Delete Instagram Promotion
The error seems hard to fix but really easy in fact.

1. The first case is you have to check your network and switch up your network restart.
2. And go to Google Play or APP Store to update your Instagram.

Here you go - the Instagram promotion error will be fixed.

Why Is My Instagram Promotion Still Pending?

Sometimes there will be a pending state for whoever wants to make an Instagram promotion. In fact, it is normal for a several-day waiting period when Instagram does not have the proper resources to immediately approve promotions.

Why Is My Instagram Promotion Still Pending

Why Instagram Promotion Not Approved & How to Fix?

There are some reasons that may have caused your Instagram promotion not approved. For example, tobacco, drugs, drug-related products, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition, and explosives are some of the products Facebook and Instagram listed under Prohibited Content on their Advertising Policies page. If your promotion was disapproved for no reason above, you might want to spend time on Instagram’s Terms of Use page. The reason for the disapproval might jump right at you soon.
Some methods to do if Instagram promotion not approved:
1. Filing an Appeal
You are essentially telling Instagram that you think their automated promotion review process had judged you wrongly and therefore want your promotion to be manually reviewed by filing an appeal.
Just be sure you haven't violated any Facebook and Instagram advertising policies because there is no second chance for appeal. If your appeal gets approved, your promotion will start running immediately and you will be charged accordingly. If otherwise, then you want to try the other two methods listed in this section.
2. Fixing and Resubmitting
Your decision to fix and resubmit your rejected promotion shows your full understanding of Instagram rules and community standards and your commitment to the content of your promotions.
3. Creating and Submitting a New Instagram Promotion
With more than three manual ad disapprovals, you will want to review your approach by creating and submitting a new promotion on Instagram.

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The Bottom Line

That is everything about "What is Instagram promotion?" in 2023! This article would be a 100% real & useful guide book for whoever is looking to know more about promotions on Instagram. More importantly, you could come back here anytime when meeting a related problem. The article will be updated regularly. And last - don't forget to try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to make your promotions more effective for free!

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