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How to View Instagram Without an Account – Both Public & Private Accounts

Do you want to view Instagram without an account? If so, follow this article and you will know how to see Instagram without logging in easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Wen

Since 2020 when Instagram has stopped people from being able to sneakily view Instagram without an account, people can’t view some without logging in. It also restricted the number of photos of IG influencers’ profiles if you are out of the community.
However, there’s a time that many of us want to see someone’s posts without being tracked. Old ways to view all of the photos of public figures without an account is no longer worked. Check this article out, you will find new ways to view Instagram without logging in.

View Instagram without an Account

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3 Ways to View Public Instagram Without an Account

First of all, let’s figure out how to lurk on public accounts, including their photos, videos, and stories.

Method 1: Webstagram - view Instagram without logging in

Actually, Webstagram is a site to analyze and track IG public users. But, while analyzing, it also gives the latest 10 posts of them. It will show the content of the posts, captions, likes, and comments. To see them clearly, you can expand the page and the photos will still be in high definition. Or, you can directly click into their posts to find out. The following are how to view Instagram without an account by Webstagram.

Step 1. Open the website on phones, Mac, or PC. Input an IG user name and click on search.

View Instagram Without Logging In

Step 2. You will get a report of the one you searched for. Scroll down until you see the Media Stats Summary.

Step 3. Finally, you can check the latest 10 posts by extending them or click on them.

View Public Accounts Without an Account

Method 2: Anonymous Instagram - view Instagram Stories without logging in

Anonymous Instagram is developed by instastories, known as viewing IG Stories without accounts. With this tool, you can either watch the public stories or download them anonymously and quickly. It’s going to introduce a new feature that is to view and download Instagram photos and videos. It’s worth looking forward to.
Follow the steps to sneakily watch the public stories!

Step 1. Browse “anonymous Instagram” on any devices you have. Enter the result “View Instagram stories and posts anonymously”.

Step 2. Input a user name and press Enter.
View Instagram Stories without Logging inStep 3: Watch the stories freely.

Watch the Public Stories without an Account

Method 3: Airplane Mode - how to lurk on Instagram with an account

People want to view Instagram without an account or logging in for two main reasons. On the one hand, they just don’t want to register an Instagram account. On the other hand, they want to view someone’s IG without being tracked.
Therefore, we still have a way to lurk on Instagram even though you have an account. It’s Airplane Mode, a mode that every phone has. Here we will teach you how to make it.
First, make sure your network is open and enter someone’s IG page.
Second, wait for all the stories and posts loaded on your phone. But do not tap in.
Third, turn on the Airplane Mode and return to Instagram. Because the posts and stories are pre-loaded and the network is shut down, you are free to watch without leaving a hint. Besides, you can also view Instagram comments without accounts in this way.
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How to View Private Account Without an Account?

Let’s come to the second part of this article, how to view private Instagram accounts without an account.
There are tools on the market that can help you view private account without an account. But most of them are required human verification, such as likecreeper’s Instagram Private Profile Viewer, Insta Stalker’s Private Instagram Viewers.
If you don’t want to do human verification, you can browse the private account and you’ll find the other social media accounts of that people. In most cases, if someone has multiple social media accounts, he/she will post the same content on all the platforms. Therefore, if you can see the posts on his/her Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you can see the same posts also on Instagram.

View Private Accounts Without an Account

Bonus: How to Increase Instagram Views

Are you done with viewing others secretly? Do you want them to views yours, too? We list some tips to help you to increase 1000 Instagram views free.

Increase IG followers to get more views

The followers always matter. They are the basis to like and comment on your posts. The shortcut to get real followers is GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, a community that gathers Instagram users together. It’s 100% free as you can get unlimited coins by using the app. For android users, they can get coins faster by doing tasks, such as following others and liking their posts. Some of you might worry that the app is not safe. Actually, it builds a thorough system to protect every user’s privacy. Try it on iOS and Android.

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Other tips to increase views without a helper

The posts should be watch-worthy. You can share a story that can easily let others engaged. Or, you can hold contests or ask questions. Some believe that more posts, more views. On the contrary, if you post several times a day, your followers will be tired and feel boring with you. So, you need to post less and focus on the content and quality.
Try popular hashtags. Popular hashtags would be searched many times. If you add one of them to your Instagram, your posts would be shown to more people when the hashtag be searched.
Add a location. People always feel intimate if they are from the same place. Adding a location will not only expose your posts to nearby but also echoes among the people from the same place.

Wrap Up

Now, you must have known how to view Instagram without an account. Try these methods one by one as each of them is tested and worked. No more than view public accounts, this article also talked about how to view private accounts, stories, and comments. At the same time, do not only think about how to view other people, you should also care about how to increase your Instagram views.