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5 Instagram Private Profile Viewer No Human Verification APK 2023: View Private Instagram

Is there an Instagram private profile viewer no verification apk 2023 that lets you view private Instagram accounts? Of course! Click to view private profile.

Updated 2023-05-06 15:10:46 | by Rainer

Have you ever met such a situation that the Instagram account you want to view is not open to the public, showing this is a private account? Why? That’s because these Instagram accounts have been set to be private accounts, and only you follow them, send requests to view, and are permitted can you view their Instagram posts and stories eventually. Another situation is some accounts only open to their followings, which means if you aren’t followed by them, you cannot access to their profile and feed. This can be a big headache. Well, fortunately, various Instagram private profile viewer no verification APKs have gradually emerged to let you view private accounts without nobody knowing. Read on to know the details of the top 5 Instagram private account viewer without verification APK 2023.

Private Instagram Viewer APKs to View Instagram Anonymously

Title List

Find an Instagram Private Profile Viewer No Verification APK 2023?

As we mentioned, you can indeed view private Instagram, but on two conditions. 1. Follow the private account, send a request and being permitted. This is because these private Instagram accounts are set to be open to their followers only. However, if they don’t agree to your request, you still can’t view it.

Send Request to View Private Instagram Account2. When you are followed by them. If someone only allows those people he followed to view his Instagram, for others, it also shows up as a private account. Being one of his followings, you can view this private account like any other public account.

How to View Private Instagram Without Human Verification & Permission?

The above part contains 2 common ways to view private Instagram accounts, with many limitations. Then how to view private Instagram accounts without permission anonymously? That’s to use private Instagram profile viewer APK. Usually, you need to log in to your Instagram in the private viewer APK, enter the username of the private Instagram that you want to view, then you could view it without limitation and not leave any traces of browsing. Therefore, to choose a safe and useful private Instagram viewer APK is essential to properly view your account and avoid being blocked or punished by Instagram. This post brings you 5 safe APKs in the next section.

5 Easy-to-use Instagram Private Account Viewer Without Verification APK 2023

You can easily find these 5 APKs on your phone and install them to use. With the assistance of these private viewer APKs, you can view private Instagram without human verification 2023, including Instagram account profiles, photos and videos.

1. Private Insta

For 5 years, Private Insta has been offering a service that allows you to view private Instagram pictures of any users. It has both site and APK, so you could visit its website to have a test, then decide if you want to download it. The two biggest features of it are compatibility and safety. It runs on any device and works well without your information or login.

Private Instagram Viewer APKs - Private Insta


  • Both website and APK can work to view private Instagram account
  • No login and no personal information
  • Easy to use: only a private account username needed


  • Human verification required

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Visit Private Insta and Enter a username. Step 2: Click on the Submit button to turn to a human verification page.Step 3: See all the private pictures and download them.

2. Insta Looker

This is a functional private Instagram viewer APK to spy on any Instagram account, even a private account without the use of any software or without any hacking experience. It’s totally free for all-level people to use without any hidden fees or annoying advertisements. And it needs you to complete a human verification for combating with spam or bots. Furthermore, it can also set out who can see your profile and your content and who cannot.

Private Instagram Viewer APKs - Insta Looker


  • No need to download
  • Only profile username required
  • With "Export All" option to download all data of the private account
  • View profile, view photos, and download photos
  • View posts on a unique panel.
  • Built-in IP spoofer and top-notch hack-proof system


  • Human verification required
  • It takes 2-3 minute

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Visit Insta Looker and Enter the right profile username only.Step 2: Check Validity if the account is alive or not. Step 3: Click on Start Viewer button and get verified that you are real people, not bot.Step 4: View the target accounts’ private photos/videos and tap Export All button to download all the account data, if you want.

3. Insta DP

When you would like to view and download stories and posts of a private Instagram account, Insta DP is more useful than other private Instagram viewer APK. It provides its users high-quality service that enlarge those small pictures on Instagram and allows them to view HD posts in full size. It’s convenient to use the username search bar, especially when you don’t know the exact username of a private account.

How to View Private Instagram 2020 - Insta DP

  • Search username only in its username search bar
  • Enlarge the picture in full and original size clearly
  • View and download photos, as well as videos
  • Both APK and website work well to provide private viewer service
  • Easy security check required (just select targeted pictures)
  • Need to log in on Instagram safely

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Visit Insta DP and search Instagram username only.Step 2: Complete a security check to verify that you are human (like Google verification).Step 3: Click the “Open on Instagram” button to log in safely, then view or download private videos or photos.

4. Private Instagram Viewer

When you want to see more information about a private Instagram account, more than photos and stories, Private Instagram Viewers is a good place to view private tags. This is a new trick to learn from their post styles, the best post time, and other business promotion methods from your private competitors. Similar to some of the above APKs, it is also a free and safe private Instagram viewer without human verification 2023.

Private Instagram Profile Viewer APK - Private Viewer


  • No login and only a username required
  • It takes only a few seconds to connect
  • View photos, stories, and tags
  • No survey


  • Wait for the page unlocked

5. Cocospy

Having been used by a million people in 190+ countries, Cocospy is a more comprehensive and sound private Instagram account viewer APK to spy Instagram account with cutting-edge remote monitoring functions. And View private posts and stories is just one of its features. Well, sometimes you need to pay for some of its premium services.

Private Instagram Account Viewer APK - Cocospy


  • Username needed to extract private information
  • Can view photos and videos, as well as shares and comments
  • Both site and APK provide private viewer service
  • Spy others remotely
  • 60-Day money guarantee


  • Too difficult questions in the survey

[Bonus] What Can You Do About 'Private'?

1. How to Make Instagram Private?

Do you want to set your Instagram as private? How to do it? Just follow the easy steps to set:

Step 1: Open the Instagram APK and go to the Profile then tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap Privacy and then Account Privacy.

Step 3: Tap next to Private Account to make your account private.

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2. How to Keep Followers & Likes Growing as A Private Instagram Account?

Since you’ve set your Instagram account private, your Instagram followers, likes, views and comments may get reduced. When you want to keep the followers and likes going up, meanwhile don’t be bothered by some annoying remarks and messages, how can you do that? Here recommend you free private followers and likes up APK, GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, to let you grow followers and likes every hour automatically as a private account.

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  • Unlimited free Followers and likes to increase engagement even as a private account.
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  • Totally safe and privacy protected. Download this Instagram followers apk on the official website, Google Play, or App Store is ok with no virus and extension. It works without an Instagram password, other social media account, credit card or any personal information. And no one knows you get followers from here.
  • Check public account followers, posts, and likes count with 2 clicks.


  • Should spend time doing little but easy coins tasks for unlimited free followers and likes.

How to Use It?

1. Download GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, install it on your phone, and launch it to create an account in it.

2. Turn to the followers or likes page to choose the numbers that you want to increase in the list shown.

3. Tap 'GET FOLLOWERS NOW' and finish the free Instagram followers and likes deal, then check the delivery in the task list. (usually start to send within 5 minutes.)

Get Real Free Followers as A Private AccountIf you run out of all coins, you can earn more by yourself by completing tasks. It’s so easy, just following others or liking their posts.

Bottom Line

No following, request and permission is required to view a private Instagram profile, photos, and videos. Additionally, you could download those private photos and stories in HD quality and full size to save. All these features can be achieved in the above 5 Instagram private viewer no verification APK. Come and choose your favorite one! Also don’t miss the tricks to keep followers and likes growing as a private Instagram account.

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