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Best 5 Instagram Tweaks with More Features for Mobile Users

An Instagram Tweak adds more feasibility to using this social media app. Follow this article to learn about the best 5 Instagram Tweaks for mobile phones.

Updated 2022-09-09 18:17:33 | by Vita

Instagram keeps rolling out new features on its mobile app to enhance user experience and keep competitiveness. Nevertheless, there is no such platform that can be fully feasible to satisfy all demands. To use some features Instagram doesn’t natively support, some enthusiasts tweak Instagram with additional features included. Such third-party versions of the Instagram app are called Instagram tweaks.

Best Instagram Tweaks

Kinds of Instagram tweaked apps are searchable on the Internet and they can be used as the Instagram app with more extended functionalities. The following are 5 Instagram tweaks among the top recommendations. These tweaks have variations of supported features to fit particular demands. Scroll down and choose your best fit!

Instagram ++: The Best Instagram Tweak for Android and iOS

Instagram ++ is the most known Instagram tweak for iOS and now it extends its availability to Android devices. Based on the inborn features of the original Instagram app, Instagram ++ has a wide variety of features, which greatly improve people’s experience in browsing, downloading, and sharing. This Instagram tweak is free to use and can be installed on the Cydia app store.

Instagram Tweak - Instagram Plus Plus

Main Features:

  • Optimized layout in main and explore feed
  • Display more detailed public information on posts
  • Zoom in/out a post image and profile by long holding it
  • Download thumbnails, images, videos, and Stories to Camera Roll
  • Hide comments, profile info, post suggestions, etc.
  • DM read receipts Disabled
  • Double-tap verification to like posts
  • Instagram password protection.

Supported platform: iOS and Android

Rhino for Instagram: Simple Yet Powerful Instagram Tweak for iOS

The strong Instagram media downloading and message unseeing capabilities put Rhino itself on the pair with Instagram ++. With Rhino for Instagram, you will get a direct download button below each picture and video on your feed. What’s more, this Instagram tweak allows users to download live video streams at high quality. Another striking point is that Rhino supports viewing messages on DM without getting them marked by “Seen”.

This tweak can be installed and used without jailbreaking. For this, you need first install the third-party iOS app store, AltStore, to find and get the tweaked Instagram download.

Instagram Tweak - Rhino for Instagram

Main Features:

  • Download pictures, videos, live videos, Stories, and Reels
  • Find out whether someone is following you
  • Disable the feature of marking messages that you have views as seen
  • View disappearing videos and images without time limits
  • Watch Instagram Stories without being known
  • A set of premium options

Supported Platform: iOS

Rocket for Instagram: A Popular Cydia Instagram Tweak

If you’ve installed the third-party Cydia app store for iOS on your phone, you can also turn to Rocket for Instagram. Rocket for Instagram is among the best Cydia tweaks for Instagram to make your Instagram experience smoother and simpler. Currently, it supports up to iOS 14. Users using the latest iOS 15 can search for an adaptable version on Chrome. Updated versions in 2022 have been released on the likes of

Instagram Tweak - Rocket for Instagram

Main Features:

  • Download feed videos, images, and Stories to Camera Rolls
  • View IG Stories anonymously or manually mark Stories as seen
  • Toggle feed layout between grid and list by one tap
  • Long press on posts and profile images to zoom
  • Check out if a person is following you
  • Disable message reading receipts

Supported Platform: iOS

Plus for Instagram: All-in-one Tweaked Instagram iOS

Plus for Instagram comes with an impressive list of features, which empowers Instagram users to full control over the app on the fly. It adds many practical settings and customization options to fill in the gap between what Instagram supports and users’ demands. Beyond that, Plus for Instagram brings some unique functionalities that you may not expect an Instagram tweak to offer.

Instagram Tweak - Plus for Instagram

Main Features:

  • Translate and auto copy Instagram comments
  • Multiple Confirmation to avoid accidentally liking others’ posts
  • Focus Mode to filter out ads and only some crucial functions work
  • View unsent messages from DM
  • Direct download option to save pictures, message replay, and videos
  • Edit or trim Instagram Story on Instagram
  • Disable typing status and message read receipts on DM

Supported Platform: iOS

InstaBetter: Instagram Tweak to Enhance Your Instagram Experience

Are you looking for a Tweak for Instagram on your old iPhone? If so, you will find InstaBetter a nice option. InstaBetter performs well on iPhone 5/6 and is comprehensive as other popular Instagram Tweak in the array. This app for iOS is free of charge and doesn’t add any ads. It will deliver you brand-new experiences in using Instagram even on your old devices.

Instagram Tweak - InstaBetter

Main Features:

  • Download high-resolution images, Feed videos, and Stories
  • Create custom location for media
  • Hide sponsored ads and user suggestions
  • View messages on DM without them knowing
  • Change your Instagram feed layout
  • A series of configuration setting options
  • Confirm likes when double tapping photos or videos
  • Disable sound and auto-playing of videos

Supported Platform: iOS

Are Tweaks for Instagram Followers a Good Practice?

Most Instagram tweaks are designed for users to share, save, and browse content on Instagram more conveniently. But some of them include additional features for other purposes. For example, Instagram ++, Plus for Instagram, and InstaBetter in the list support spoofing Instagram follower count. With it, users can change the number of followers count displayed on their profile. Some people used this feature to make their profiles look more popular by changing to a higher Instagram count. But it would not bring real growth but a vanity metric.

Given that, dedicated iOS tweaks for Instagram followers came out later. Those iPhone apps for Instagram followers provided real service to boost Instagram growth, and Cydia InstaFollow was among the most popular options. Unfortunately, after numerous updates on the Instagram algorithm, Instagram tweaks for followers become invalid. Please stop seeking tweaks for Instagram followers hack. If you want to increase Instagram followers fast with third-party tools, here is an efficient one in 2022.

Instagram Tweak Alternative to Grow Instagram Followers

InsBottleGetInsttaFollowers Gallery is one of the most used third-party tools to speed up Instagram follower growth at this moment. Working as a standalone application, it has various Instagram follower plans and fast delivery speed. Once you select and order a plan, it will send free Instagram followers to your accounts within 24 hours. The Instagram followers are real and active people who’re frequently using the Instagram app.

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Main Features:

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Instagram Followers Free App

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Get Instagram Followers

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The Bottom Line

Instagram tweaks are a useful aid to being in your element on Instagram. The 5 tweaks for Instagram cover practically all functions you may want to use. They all are workable on iOS systems. For Android users, you may get your luck on Instagram ++. As an addition, this article has introduced a good Instagram tweak replacement for Instagram follower increase. Hopefully, you will get useful information after reading this post.