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How to See Instagram Story Highlight Views & Viewers in 3 Simple Steps

The most direct way to see Instagram story highlight views and viewers even after 24 hrs is here. Check the method for managing your Instagram stories better.

Updated 2022-03-07 16:34:43 | by Kevin

Instagram story highlight is the story that will appear on the Instagram profile and will not disappear even after 24 hours. Users like you and all of us can see the Instagram story highlight views and viewers in the app; here is how:

How to See Instagram Story Highlight Views

Title List

3 Steps: Follow to See Instagram Story Highlight Views

When talking about Instagram story highlights, here are two situations: the first is that you post a story and add it to your highlight instantly; the second is that you add stories to highlight after they have been posted for 24 hours.

For the 1st case, you can just click your story and will see an icon at the bottom of your screen and below a phrase that says “Seen by xxx(number)” and tap this icon, you will see the viewers’ list of this story.

And here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Tap the highlight you want to check on your profile.

Step 2. Tap the icon of viewers’ profile photo.

Step 3. Check viewers and views.

How to See Instagram Story Highlight Views - Step 3

While for the 2nd case, it is impossible to see Instagram highlight views and viewers for Instagram only allows you to check views of stories in the first 24 hours after being posted. After that, both views and viewers would disappear and can never be checked again. But you can still check the performance of story in the Insights(app) or the Instagram creator studio(online). This way has no time limit.

3 Methods: How to Increase Instagram Story Highlight Views

Managing Instagram story highlight or story has the same ultimate goal - let your content reach more people and let those people become your followers. Your content is one vital factor for that goal, while besides that you also need help from outside of Instagram. And recently, Instagram just released a new feature for your Instagram story viewers hack.

Use Instagram Profile Embed

“We’ve enabled posts from public accounts to be embedded on external websites in the past-now, you can share previews of your profile and up to six of your most recent images to encourage people to view more.” according to Instagram’s official blog. The picture below shows how it would like on the external website, which is a perfect chance for more people to view your profile and check story highlights.

How to Increase Instagram Story Highlight Views - Use Profile Embed

Tips: This feature is only available in the United States for now.

Besides this Instagram also allow image preview on Twitter now. “All types of Feed posts, like Photos, Videos, Carousels and Reels, will preview when shared to Twitter. Stories won’t show up as previews on Twitter for now.”

Edit Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram story highlight covers are as important as your stories. Great covers would catch visitors’ eyes in the very beginning and lead them to tap and watch. Therefore, stop using random covers and find Instagram story highlight cover templates or create covers by yourself. Increase Instagram story highlight cover views can never be so easy before~

Increase Instagram Followers

Followers are the most significant for getting Instagram auto story highlight views free. More followers mean more people would see your highlights and watch them. Increasing followers organically from Instagram is the best way for new followers may directly tap into your profile and view your highlights. While what often the case is that organic Instagram followers grow slowly and Instagram highlight views count can never reach the number you want. At this moment, you need help from GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery. This app has the following 2 spotlights that you need to pay attention to:

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How to Increase Instagram Story Highlight Views - Get Followers

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The End

All the content about Instagram story highlight views has been presented in the paragraph above. You can adopt these methods to your story management for more views and followers now. Also, do not forget to download and use GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery~