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Break Instagram Like Limit and Get More Followers 2023

What is the Instagram like limit? How about other Instagram action limits? Check out this article to learn more and see how to break the limit successfully.

Updated 2023-01-05 09:52:45 | by Luka

With a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a universe with its own rules. There are different restrictions, for instance, follows and unfollows per hour, Instagram likes limit, etc. Instagram implements limitations of all sorts to combat spam and abuse, and all the community users have to play by the rules.
While Instagram remains the best avenue with infinite business potential for influencer marketing, even honest marketers find it harder to gain a massive amount of likes than it used to be. You have to be careful with the Instagram like limit per day and Instagram-like limit per hour. Accounts that violate the policy will receive notification warning them of the risks of being shut down.

Instagram Like Limit

So what is the like limit on Instagram? How do influencers gain more likes when playing by the book? This article will introduce the latest Instagram like limit 202 and the most effective way to get around the Instagram like limit, just keep reading!
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Instagram Like Limit [Per Day/Per Hour]

Instagram like limit can either be the maximum number of likes you receive or the like action you can make. The rules haven’t been explicitly announced because many businesses and influencers might have the chance to promote accounts excessively. However, with trials from many Instagram users, one can find the rough numbers of Instagram likes limit as below.

Instagram has created the limitation on a daily and hourly basis. Technically speaking, Instagram like limit is 1000 per day; it’s better to keep it around 700 to prevent your account from being banned. You can’t have more than 350 likes per hour, otherwise, your account might be blocked.

While the Instagram like limit can be annoying at some point and prevents users from getting high engagement rapidly, it makes sense that Instagram set the rules though. Given that the platform is already a crowded community with tons of spam and abuse, it's necessary to set the rules on Instagram actions of all sorts to keep users' accounts safe.

The Factors in Determining Instagram Like Limit

The Instagram like limit 2020 can be different from 2023. In 2023, the limit has been narrowed down because Instagram is trying to stop bots and automation. So you might want to act naturally if you don't want to get banned. Meanwhile, the Instagram like limit also varies from one to another. Multiple factors might determine the Instagram like limit and the most significant ones are:
1. Age of Your Account
A new account’s limitation is always way more than an aged account. If you’ve got an old account more than three months old, you are allowed to do more actions than new ones. The number of activities you can take on Instagram will increase as your accounts are getting older. Hence you will have less Instagram like limit. You might also like: How to Have Multiple Instagram Accounts and Manage Them?
2. Number of Followers
Accounts that have mass followings on Instagram are allowed to have fewer Instagram likes limits. The large following base means that you have a trusted account. The size of your follower base could be the most important factor that might affect the Instagram like limit.
Like Limit on Instagram
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3. Your Account’s Activity
Instagram wants users to stay active on the platform as much as possible. The more you are active, the less limit you have. If you want to use more features and get around the Instagram likes limit, you might want to spend more time on Instagram, for instance, you can see recent followers on Instagram and have more interaction with them.
Break Instagram Likes Limit with More Activities
4. Your Account’s Engagement
Your account’s engagement plays a pivotal role in determining the Instagram like limit. If you can manage to increase engagement on Instagram in terms of likes, comments, shares, and saves, you are allowed to perform more activities and have less Instagram likes limit.

Get More Followers to Avoid Exceeding Instagram Likes Limit

How to avoid getting the Instagram rate limit exceeded? First off, it’s better not to do lots of actions in a short period of time. Meanwhile, you can get around the Instagram like limit by boosting followers count and engagement, since they are the most important factors that affect the number of activities you can take on Instagram.
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Other Instagram Limits

Apart from the Instagram like limit, there are other rules and restrictions you might want to keep in mind. Just check out the most complete list of Instagram activity limits as below.
  • Follow/Unfollow Limit
Follows and unfollows are considered as the same actions. The limit is 200 per day.
  • Comments Limit
Instagram comments limit is about 200 per day.
  • Direct Messages Limit
You can have 50 to 80 new conversations every day.
  • Caption/Comment Character Limit
You are allowed to use 2200 characters in the caption or comments.
  • Hashtag Limit
You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post.
  • IGTV Limit
You can create a video for up to 60 minutes if you upload it from the web. The maximum video size is 3.6GB.
  • Instagram Stories Limit
You can add up to 100 Instagram stories.
  • Instagram Tag Limit
The maximum limit for the Instagram tag is 20.
  • Instagram Mention Limit
You can mention up to 10 people in one post.
Please note that for a new Instagram account, the daily action limit is 500 per day, including follow, unfollow, comment, and like.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to increase your organic engagement or build up a massive following, breaking the Instagram action limit is a must. Only when you break the Instagram like limit can you grow your Instagram account as a whole. Today, with a little bit of effort on GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, you can easily get around the Instagram likes limit by hacking unlimited free Instagram followers. If you want to keep your account safe while breaking the limit, try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery. It’s the most reliable app that can help you get unlimited likes and followers without any risk.
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