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What is an Instagram Handle| 6 Instagram Handle Ideas + 2 Generator Tools

Instagram handle is your unique username on Instagram. Read this guide on Instagram handle meaning, useful Instagram handle ideas and tools to boost your Insta.

Updated 2022-11-17 11:28:08 | by Beling

What is an Instagram handle? Since Instagram attracts more and more loyal users, numerous businesses and influencers start to extend their brand on the platform. They use remarkable and unique usernames/links to attract potential audiences to find and follow easily, and those usernames are also called Instagram handle. What’s the difference between Instagram handle and the display name? How to choose a perfect Instagram handle?

6 Instagram Handle Ideas + 2 Generator Tools

Here in the ultimate guide, you’ll get everything about Instagram handles, including Instagram handle meaning, how to select the best handle as well as reliable Instagram handle generator tools. Check it out!

Title List

What is an Instagram Handle?

IG handle meaning is a frequently asked question among Instagram users. Instagram handle is the same as Instagram username, and it can be used as a unique URL link that other accounts can find and visit your profile directly. Normally, the total characters of the handle must less than 30.

Here is an example of Instagram handle shown on the picture: @thefoofnanny

What is a Instagram Handle

IG handle appears at the top of your Instagram bio, and in the Instagram URL:, which works like your online Instagram address. People can search and find you quickly through the handle.

Instagram Handle vs. Instagram Username vs. Instagram Name

As we mentioned above, IG handle is the same meaning as Instagram username, but Instagram username and Instagram (display) name are two completely different things!

Your Instagram handle names can only be used by your own, and it must be unique as your exclusive identity signal. Besides, to create the handle, you’re only allowed to use letters, periods, numbers, or underscores, less than 30 characters.

However, Instagram names or display names don’t have to be unique, and the same name can be used by multiple Instagram users. It can be different from your handle. Also, you can add cute emojis or special characters to make it more attractive. Here’s an example of an Instagram name, Claudia Oshry:

Instagram Handle vs

How to Choose the Best Instagram Handle: Instagram Handle Ideas

So how to choose the best handle for your Instagram? Here are 6 useful Instagram handle ideas to help you get a perfect handle, just check them out and pick your wonderful handle!

1. Make Instagram Handle Simple

Since the handle should not exceed 30 characters, it must keep as simple as possible. Normally, there is no blank inside the handle. You can simplify what you want to show, highlight the key message, and neglect the unnecessary information.

2. Relate It to Your Instagram Niche

Second, you have to ensure the handle is related to your niche, which is obvious to show what you are serving. As the Instagram handle example, thefoodnanny, shows, the author is a seller of food and meal planner, and her handle is related to food.

3. Shorten Instagram Handle

Besides, if you have to choose a long Instagram username, which contains a lot of important information, you’d better shorten the handle, which both can be understood and read easily. Just like the example, National Geographic, can be shortened as natgeo. And you can have other shorten forms as you like.

Shorten Instagram Handle

4. Show Your Personality

To attract more free Instagram followers, your Instagram handle names can show your personality or mood. For example, @smile_taylor. We can see from the username that he is a positive and outgoing boy, so people who have or like similar personality will follow accordingly.

Show Your Personality in Handle

5. Spell It Correctly

In addition, there’s an important thing while typing your username: spell it correctly. There is a big difference between two usernames, even looks similar. To make sure people will find you for the right niche, please be careful!

6. Do Not Overuse Underscores

The last thing is that do no use too many underscores, “_”. Sometimes you need to use underscores to separate the letters, 1-2 is the best, but it’s not recommended to use more than 3 underscores.

Easy-to-use Instagram Handle Generator Tools

What if you don’t want to waste your time to think of the IG handle? Don’t worry, you’re recommended to use Instagram handle generator tools to get right handles fast. You can also use Instagram name generator to get your Instagram name randomly.


Jimpix is an excellent Instagram username generator. You can choose a keyword that you want to contain, and it will generate multiple related handles for you to choose. More importantly, You’re allowed to select your preferred category, character length and the position of your keyword.

Instagram Handle Generator Tool - Jimpix


Namechk is the other great Insta handle generator tool. Similarly, it will generate plenty of usernames once you enter a keyword. Besides, you can choose to get one word or multiple words from the results. And it allows liking your favorite username and archives it separately.

Instagram Handle Generator Tool - Namechk

How to Change Your Instagram Handle

As we all know, it’s more friendly to use the same username on different social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Ticktock and others. People will recognize your username and interact with you in the same way. So, how to change Instagram name to remain the consistency?

Here are the steps to change your Instagram handle/username:

Step 1. Enter your profile page and click "Edit Profile."

How to Change Your Instagram Handle - Edit ProfileStep 2. Tap on your username.

Step 3. Then, delete your old Instagram handle and in put the new one.

Change Your Instagram Handle

Step 4. Hit "Done.", and you have changed the IG handle.

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The Bottom Line

After reading the whole article, you must have a full understanding of Instagram handle. Just follow the 6 useful ideas to get a proper handle for your Instagram. If you want save time to think, please try the 2 generator tools to get fast Instagram usernames. Moreover, to boost your IG account faster, you’d better download GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to get more free followers.