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Top 5 IG Follower Export Tools 2023 New [Free & Unlimited]

Check the top 5 IG follower export tools in 2023 to help export the IG following list free and fast. Solutions for more IG followers to export are covered, too!

Updated 2023-01-04 18:46:17 | by Dale

When you want to make your Instagram ads or giveaway contests reach your target audience, or try to find who is following you on the IG account. Is there a quick method to get the list of your Instagram followers? Of course. Let an IG follower export tool do you a favor.

IG Follower Export Tool

Mainly, there are 5 solutions for IG follower export. All the features of each app will be illustrated in detail, and no matter which method you adopt, you will be able to export a follower list from your Instagram account. Alongside the IG follower export tool, there is also knowledge about how to gain more Instagram followers free and fast. Are you interested in such content? Hurry up and just start with how to do Instagram follower export first.

Title List

Overview of 5 Free IG Follower Export Tools

In total, 5 IG follower export tools will be introduced. Namely, they are IG Export, InsFo, InsExport, OSINT, and IG Exporter. Here is a reference for you below to see where each Instagram follower export tool is available, which export format they support, how many users each IG follower export tool has, as well as users’ satisfaction with them.

NameDevicesSupported FormatsUsersRate
IG ExportAndroidExcel50,000+4.8
IG ExporterOnlineCSV10000+4.5

Details of the 5 Free Instagram Follower Export Tools

Apart from the general introduction to solutions for IG follower export, you can also learn more about every IG follower export tool by the following instructions. Continue to read and see which method you like best.

1. Best IG follower export Tool Free – IG Export

How many Instagram followers are you going to export? With the help of IG Export, the best IG follower export tool, you will be able to export IG followers up to 5,0000 a time.

Best IG Follower Export Tool

2. Export IG Follower Unlimited – InsFo

Another IG follower export tool is InsFo. How to use it to list unlimited followers? Enter your IG username, choose a data type and start exporting. Meanwhile, you can also decide the export interval and select the export fields as below.

How to Use an IG Follower Export Tool

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3. Instagram Follower Export Free Tool - InsExport

The third free solution recommended is InsExport. After adding this IG follower export tool to your device, enter your IG username and wait for a detailed report on who are following you.

IG Follower Export Tool Online

4. Export Instagram Followers Unlimited – OSINT

Add OSINT IG follower export tool to your Chrome and follow the online instructions to save your Instagram follow list as CSV. Then, you will be clear about who is following you.

Find an IG Follower Export Tool

5. Export IG Followers into Excel - IG Exporter

The last IG follower export tool is IG Exporter. It supports not only a free trial but also paid version, with different numbers of IG follower export up to 550 and 50000, respectively. With the assistance of this solution, you will export your IG followers into Excel easily and fast.

Free IG Follower Export Tool

With so many IG follower export tools provided, you can use any of them to track your follow list. If you desire more IG followers, there is also a tip for that. Continue to read and find the app to increase Instagram followers.

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Get More Instagram Followers to Export - Step 2

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Get More Instagram Followers to Export - Step 3

The Bottom Line

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