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HubSpot | Details, Tools, Reviews, Full Guide on Instagram Marketing 2023

Do you want to know how Instagram marketing works on HubSpot? Here is everything you need to know, with detailed reviews and HubSpot Instagram tricks featured.

Updated 2023-08-23 14:38:32 | by Beling

HubSpot is one of the best sales and marketing services out there. This platform offers different services ranging from sales and marketing to customer care and operations. It has become one of the best ways for businesses to stay at the top of their game. Businesses around the world rely on HubSpot to grow because of the five effective and efficient hubs that this service offers. This platform also offers an Instagram integration for marketing that you can use to grow your business or brand on Instagram.


In the following context, you will get the full guide on HubSpot, all of its hubs, HubSpot Instagram integration, and the best HubSpot Instagram marketing alternative. So, keep reading.

Title List

What is HubSpot (CRM Platform)?

HubSpot is an established end-to-end sales and marketing platform that lets businesses grow at their own pace. It is a CRM platform that offers digital solutions for marketing, sales, and service. It is easy to integrate into any business. The best thing about HubSpot is that it works perfectly well with the systems or tech that are already in place. Also, as your business grows, the features and tools of this CRM platform also scale up.

Here are the different services offered by HubSpot.

  • Free HubSpot CRM
  • Drag & drop web editor
  • Landing pages, forms, and emails
  • List segmentation for contacts
  • Email automation and workflows
  • Paid Ad Tracking
  • Social media integration

So, HubSpot covers every aspect of digital marketing whether it is contacts, emails, or social media with HubSpot for Instagram.

5 Main HubSpot Tools

HubSpot has 5 hubs i.e. marketing, sales, service, CMS, operations, and more details will be discussed here.

HubSpot Tools

Marketing Hub

The marketing hub offered by HubSpot is a collection of tools that allow businesses to track down their customers, develop effective marketing strategies, enhance engagement, and maximize conversions through different social media and email campaigns.

Popular Features

Here are the popular features of the Marketing Hub of HubSpot.

  • Effective social media management
  • Marketing templates
  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Sales Hub

HubSpot is the first platform to feature a sales hub along with a fully developed marketing hub that can work together. The sales hub lets teams manage their prospects. It guides them through every step of the sales process, enhances automation, and reduces costs.

Popular Features

Here are the popular features of the sales hub of HubSpot.

  • Sales meetings and calendar management
  • Sales and email automation
  • Deal tracking across the sale cycle

Service Hub

The service hub features a set of tools that let you manage your business relationships at every step of the sales cycle and get popular up. With this hub, you get the necessary tools to receive and reply to customer queries on time, overlook the performance of your customer service teams, record feedback, and create autoresponders and other information sources for your customers.

Popular Features

Here are the popular features of the Service Hub of HubSpot.

  • Knowledge base development
  • Customer service tickets
  • Customer feedback recording and assessment
Hubspot Service Hub


The Content Management System or CMS Hub offered by HubSpot is an effective way for businesses to manage their online presence. With its drag and drop website editor and templates, you can create websites with a few clicks and create and edit webpages, landing pages, and blogs by simply dragging and dropping.

Popular Features

Here are the popular features of the CMS Hub offered by HubSpot.

  • Integrated SEO tools
  • Single dashboard management
  • Safe and secure website creation and management

Operations Hub

The tools offered by the Operations Hub of HubSpot let you streamline different aspects of your business operations including team collaboration, workflow automation, reporting, customer service, and others. This hub can also be integrated with other platforms that you are using.

Popular Features

Here are the popular features of the Operations Hub offered by HubSpot.

  • Workflow automation and extension
  • Data quality automation
  • Custom reports builder

How Does HubSpot Marketing Grow Your Business?

The marketing hub offered by HubSpot is filled with tools and features that satisfy the needs of every business of every size. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business or a large organization, the tools offered by this hub can accommodate all your needs.

Here is how HubSpot marketing can help you grow your business.

Drive revenue: The goal of any marketing strategy should be to bring more people in, enhance traffic, and drive revenue. With the tools offered by HubSpot marketing, you can easily track down and engage with your prospects from all over the social media and other platforms. HubSpot marketing helps you target your audience with content that drives them to your business and ultimately turns them into your customers.

Save time and resources: With different automation tools and workflows, you can automate every step of the marketing campaign. This saves you a lot of time and resources that you can spend on other aspects of your business.

Optimize your investments: With different metrics and analysis tools of HubSpot, you can easily figure out what’s working for you and what isn’t. You can also keep yourself up-to-date with market trends and optimize your investments for better results and ROI.

Why Do You Need HubSpot Instagram Integration?

Instagram and HubSpot can also be integrated together. With HubSpot, you can easily manage your Instagram account and run it effectively and increase your IG followers, likes, and views. The integration offers you everything you need to grow on Instagram and take your business to the next level via Instagram marketing.

Here are the benefits of integrating Instagram and HubSpot together.

  • You can create bulk posts and HubSpot Instagram stories for your Instagram feed and send them with a single click.
  • HubSpot lets you schedule your content for automation and enhanced engagement. This can also help you get free Instagram followers or increase your followers count.
  • You can track the performance of your posts made through HubSpot or Instagram with HubSpot Instagram engagement report and improve the quality of your future posts for better outcomes.

How to Connect HubSpot and Your Instagram?

Here is how to connect HubSpot and your Instagram account.

Step 1. Open your HubSpot account and click on the settings icon from the main navigation bar.

Step 2. Go to “Marketing” and then “Social” from sidebar menu on the left and then click on “Connect Account” in the upper right corner.

HubSpot Connect 2

Step 3. From the dialog box, click on “Facebook & Instagram” and then choose your Instagram account by checking the box. Afterward, click on “Connect” and your Instagram account will be integrated with HubSpot.

HubSpot Connect 3

How to Use HubSpot for Instagram Marketing

Here is how you can use HubSpot for Instagram marketing

Step 1. Create a landing page

Having a landing page is vital for the growth of your business. The Ads you run or posts you make on Instagram via HubSpot should lead to a landing page where you can provide your products or services. Using the HubSpot Drag and drop builder, you can easily create a landing page in minutes.

HubSpot Landing

Step 2. Set up forms on HubSpot

HubSpot also lets you set up forms for your Instagram followers to fill if they are interested in knowing more about your business. With a few clicks, you can create and set up forms on HubSpot.

Step 3. Share content with Instagram followers

The only way to keep your Instagram followers loyal and keep the followers count increasing is to keep them engaged. You need to share high-quality content regularly. You can create and schedule posts with HubSpot for your Instagram account.

Step 4. Create and analyze ad campaigns

HubSpot also lets you create effective ad campaigns that you can run on Instagram or any other social media platforms. You can also analyze and track the performance of these campaigns and rethink your future campaigns.

Step 5. Organize your marketing campaigns

When you have multiple ad campaigns running on social, you can easily manage them and individually track them from HubSpot.

HubSpot Campaigns

HubSpot Marketing Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of HubSpot marketing.


  • A variety of social media management options
  • Can be integrated with other solutions offered by HubSpot
  • Offers a free plan


  • Pricing is high
  • Has a steep learning curve to it
  • Free plan comes with very limited features

So, in light of the pros and cons listed above and the detailed review before, it is clear that HubSpot marketing is useful and effective when it comes to managing your campaigns and social. However, not everyone can afford it and there is a steep learning curve to it.

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Here are the features of Followers Gallery that make it the best HubSpot marketing alternative.

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  • 100% Safe Instagram Marketing Tool

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The Bottom Line

So, HubSpot is one of the best CRM platforms out there. It offers five different hubs that cover every aspect of your business and marketing needs. The HubSpot marketing hub also lets you integrate your Instagram account and manage it from HubSpot. Although it is effective, HubSpot isn’t direct and its prices are very high. Followers Gallery is the best HubSpot alternative. It is an Instagram like app and followers app that lets you get unlimited real and active Instagram followers and likes for free. So, download and install Followers Gallery now.

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