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How to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram Free Instantly & No Survey

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram free and fast? Check out this article to find the 4 most effective strategies that work in 2023.

Updated 2022-12-01 10:18:02 | by Tom

The competition on Instagram is real. The fact is that you can not get famous unless you are already famous. But if you can manage to hack 1000 Instagram followers for free, it would be so much easier to get more followers in the future.

Why is that? Because the larger the followers base you have, the more followers you can attract. It’s sort of a snowball effect. That’s why it’s important to build up your audiences, let’s say 1000 Instagram before everything else.

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram Fast 2022

So how to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast and free? In this article, you will learn 4 useful strategies to get 1000 followers instantly on Instagram. They are 100% safe. No survey, no information leaks. Just check them out!

Part 1: How to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram Instantly?

Want to get 10000 followers on Instagram? Then you should start by getting 1000 followers first. Let’s take a look at 4 useful strategies that can help you get 1000 followers on Instagram instantly.

1. Use Instagram Followers Apps [Coin Apps]

Adopting the follow-for-follow mechanism, coin apps are the most efficient IG growth tools to get 1000 followers for free. With coin apps, you can collect virtual coins to exchange for free Instagram followers. Just check out the pros and cons as follows.


  • Get 1000 Instagram followers fast
  • Real IG followers/likes
  • 100% free service
  • Easy to use


  • It takes time to collect free coins
Supreme Tool to Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes
  • 100% free Instagram followers & likes
  • No login, no password & no verification
  • Authentic Instagram followers & likes from active users

So how to gain 1000 followers on Instagram with coin apps? Here comes GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, the best Instagram followers app you should never miss out on. Just have a look at the main features below.

Free to Use

Want to get your first1000 followers on Instagram for free? GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery is your best choice. All you need to do is follow/like others to collect coins and you can order 1000 Instagram followers with coins.

Unlimited Coins

With GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, there’s no limit to the coins you are allowed to earn. As long as you stay active and be a positive follower, you can earn unlimited coins for unlimited Instagram followers and likes.

No Verification

GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery is a safe app for Instagram followers that allows you to get Instagram followers without extra procedures. You can get 1000 followers on Instagram free no survey. Simply submit your Instagram username and you are all set!

Real & Active Instagram Followers

While some apps might provide you with fake followers, GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery guarantees 100% real and active followers with authentic profiles. They will see your posts before following you and all follow/like tasks are required to be done manually.

Fast Delivery

Getting 1000 Instagram followers fast organically is not easy, but with GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, you can enjoy an instant boost. GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery promises to deliver your followers within 24 hours, and in most cases, you can get1000 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

2. IG Growth Service

Instagram growth service is a specialized service that can help you increase followers and engagement on Instagram. It could be a professional Instagram marketing platform or an automatic online tool/app. Just check out the pros and cons to learn more.


  • Grow Instagram from all aspects
  • Effective Instagram marketing
  • Professional analytics and insights
  • Customer support available


  • Fake followers possible
  • Can be quite expensive

So is it recommended to use the IG growth service? It depends on what Instagram growth service you use. If we are talking about Hootsuite or Later, then they can be quite useful. But the market is stuffed with many unreliable Instagram growth services, so you should be careful with the service you choose.

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3. Buy 1000 Followers on Instagram

Alternatively, you can get 1000 Instagram followers via purchasing. It’s the most straightforward answer to how to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast. There are so many options out there if you just Google it. While some of them allow you to buy real Instagram followers, some might be complete scams. Here are the pros and cons of buying 1000 followers on Instagram.


  • Fast and easy
  • Save time for more important business
  • Get high-quality followers


  • You might get fake followers/scams

So how to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast with reliable services? Here you may check out, the best panel to buy 1000followers on Instagram. Want to know how it works? Just check out the steps on how to get 1000 followers on Instagram with

Step 1. Head to Choose Store> Buy Instagram Followers.

Step 2. Choose the “Instant Followers” tab and select the plan of 1000 followers.

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram with Insfollowup Choose Plan

Step 3. Enter your Instagram username and click OK. Click Buy Now and complete your order.

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram with Insfollowup Enter Username

4. Instagram Pods

You can also get 1000 followers on Instagram with Instagram pods, the Instagram engagement groups that can help you grow Instagram followers and increase engagement on Instagram.

Where to find Instagram pods? Simply search them on social media. It can be a thread on Reddit or a social media group on telegram/Facebook/WhatsApp. Either way, with the help of group/community members, you can easily get 1000 followers for free.


  • Free service
  • Real and active followers
  • Get 1000 followers on Instagram easily


  • You have to stay active and follow others

Here you go, the 4 most effective strategies to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 2023. So which one is the best to use? Just keep reading to learn more.

Part 2: Which is the Best Panel to Get 1000Followers on Instagram?

To help you better understand the 4 strategies for getting 1000 followers on Instagram, we’ve concluded a detailed comparison as follows. Before moving on to the specific guide on how to get 1000 followerson Instagram, just check out the comparison to find the right tool for you.

IG Followers App IG Growth Service Buy Followers Instagram Pods
IG Ban Risk Low Low Low Low
Speed Fast Fast Fast Slow
Real Followers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Instagram username only Might require login/verification Instagram username only Instagram username only
Convenience Easy to use Easy to use Fast and easy Easy to use
Environment Android/iOS/Windows Online services/apps Online panel Social media group/forum
Cost Free Free/paid Paid Free
Customer Support
Yes Yes Yes No

As you can see, Instagram followers apps/coin apps are the best free tools if you want to get 1000 followers on Instagram for free. The whole process is 100% hassle-free because all you have to provide is the username only. No survey, no verification, no information leaks.

Compared to IG Growth service and Instagram pods, coin apps are the safest way to hack1000 free followers on Instagram fast. In addition, buying 1000 Instagram followers could be a solid choice, just make sure you have chosen reliable services, for instance,

Part 3: How to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram without a Penny?

Now you know the best strategy to get 1000followers on Instagram for free is to use the Instagram followers apps/coin apps. Want to see how it works? Here’s how to get 1000 followers on Instagram with the GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery.

Step 1: Download and install the Instagram followers app GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery.

Step 2: Sign up. Add your Instagram account to GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery with the username only.

Step 3: Collect coins by doing tasks like following accounts, liking posts, lucky draws, daily check-in, etc.

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram with Followers Gallery Do Tasks

Step 4: Choose 1000 instant free followers and place the order with free coins.

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram with Followers Gallery

That’s it! With GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, there’s no need to wait for a whole day. Your 1000 followers will be delivered within minutes.


How to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast and free? With the 4 strategies above, you can hack 1000 followers on Instagram with ease. While GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery is the best coin app to get 1000 free followers on Instagram quickly and easily, the IG panel – is a solid choice when you are keen on an instant boost. IG growth services and Instagram pods are also viable approaches, but they are slightly less efficient and you might have to provide Instagram credentials to make things work. So wait no more, just try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery and get 1000 followers on Instagrameffortlessly today!

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