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How to Generate Free Instagram Likes with 10 New Methods

Check the 10 updated ways to generate free Instagram likes. Increasing thousands of likes for free can be effortless after adopting them.

Updated 2023-03-20 10:50:53 | by Kevin

The number of Instagram likes is important when the platform distributes your post to both followers and other users. The more likes, the more followers can see your content and it will be suggested to more Instagram users who are not your followers by means of suggestion or appearing in Explore. Therefore, finding more ways to generate free Instagram likes should be a major part of your account management in 2023.

How to Generate Free Instagram Likes

Instagram is keeping updating which brings some new methods to increase likes. These ways are more entertaining and effective. 10 of them are summarized below:

Title List

Generate Free Instagram Likes for Posts

Let’s start with 5 tips on generating free Instagram likes for posts in the Feed. All of them are newly released or found features, just try all of them to boost your Instagram likes count now!

Add Music to Photos

The 1st starts with music, which is an inseparable part of people’s daily life. It used to be only added in videos like stories or Reels, but now, Instagram enables you to add music to photos too. In this way, your photos can be more entertaining, informative, and interactive. Just sharing your thoughts and emotions with music, then you can get more feedback from followers, or people who enjoy the music you add. To use this feature, just remember to choose Add music before publishing a post.

Pin Popular Instagram Posts

This method is to pin your most popular or favorite posts on your profile to let users who come there can see those content first. As you know, popular posts can keep attracting new followers and likes as they stand out for some reason, and giving them prominent positions can make this phenomenon last for a longer time. You can replace those pinned posts when new popular posts appear.

Pin Popular Instagram Posts to Generate Free Instagram Likes

This method can also be applied to Reels, so it won’t be mentioned again in the 3rd for Reels likes increase.

Use Free Instagram Likes App

This method should be the fastest and most direct to generate free Instagram likes. This blog would introduce you to a popular and stable one - GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery. It has offered millions of free Instagram likes and followers to Instagram users of this app in the last several years, which all turn out to be valid. You can enjoy its services for free too, just download the app below:

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As you might be familiar with this, just 3 steps are needed to get thousands of them from this Instagram auto liker.

Step 1. Download GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery and install it.

Step 2. Open it and add your Instagram accounts.

Step 3. Claim coins and choose posts or Reels to increase likes.

Use Free Instagram Likes App to Generate Free Instagram Likes

The likes in this app are not just free but also real and no-drop since they are generated by actual Instagram users who are also using GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery. They just see your post and like it according to their will. That’s all! The whole process is organic and no bots are involved.

Embed Instagram Posts/Profiles on Other Sites

Since Instagram posts can be embedded on other sites, lots of users using this way have gained more exposure and likes than before. Now, the platform allows users to embed their profiles too. All your content can be seen by others on external websites and give visitors the chance to learn more about them. Seize this opportunity to generate free Instagram likes now!

Generate Free Instagram Likes for Stories

Instagram story is another brilliant feature of this app which offers a time-limited way to share moments with followers. Since this content is mainly for followers, getting likes from it should be more important. And here are some tips for you:

Join in Instagram DP Battles

Instagram display picture battle is an event hosted for more engagement and likes with followers. Followers would see a poll vote between two display pictures and choose which one is better in the Instagram story polls. This event is trending among many creators and you should try it as well now. Thousands of Instagram poll votes free could arrive at your story since you post it. Don’t miss this chance to generate Instagram likes in stories.

Use Instagram Candid Stories

Considering the popularity of BeReal, Instagram released this BeReal-like feature in stories which enables you to “capture and share what you’re doing right now in a story that’s only visible to those who also share their own.” A great way to interact with friends, and followers as well as gain more likes from them. Try it if you haven’t.

Use Instagram Candid Stories to Generate Free Instagram Likes

Create Instagram Story Highlight Reel

Stories would disappear after posting for 24 hours, but you can keep them on your profile by making it one of the highlight Reels. These stories will be presented to every visitor of your profile and increase the chances of getting more likes. You can also create some covers for stories in the highlight reel to make them more attractive to tap.

Generate Free Instagram Likes for Reels

Living in a world dominated by short videos today, Instagram Reels should never be ignored when trying to generate free Instagram likes.

Add Topic to Reels

This is vital for Instagram and people who are interested in your content to find your Reels. Topics added to Reels are just like tags to posts, they can link your Reels to related ones and people. An appropriate topic that can summarize your content would gain more Instagram Reels views and exposure compared with no topic being added. So, remember to choose 1 to 3 topics when posting Reels.

Add Topic to Reels to Generate Free Instagram Likes

Make a CTA for Likes

Different from posts and stories, most of your Reels viewers could be non-followers, so a call-to-action to lead them to like your video is practical. Yes! You need to ask followers for likes to increase their chances of tapping the heart button in the Reels. Use CTAs in captions, subtitles in videos, an arrow pointing to the heart button, or say it by yourself when filming Reels.

Boost Instagram Reels

This way is for people who intend to get a broader audience and increase likes in a large amount and in a short time. Instagram would boost your Reels automatically rather than you finding all kinds of ways and spending lots of time. The outcome of this way should be ideal, but you should watch for the fee and frequency of using it. Choosing Boost this reel after publishing it is OK.

FAQ of Generating Free Instagram Likes

Some frequently asked questions about how to generate likes on Instagram are prepared for you.

Why can't I use Instagram Candid Stories?

Instagram is still testing this feature, try to update your app or you’ll have to wait.

Why can't I add music to my Instagram post?

Some users may not find this feature when editing a post because this feature is also during testing. Try to update the app or switch your region to the United States.

How to earn more coins in the GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery for likes?

Every day, coin events like the daily reward, lucky box, and luck draw are held in the app. Up to 69,000 coins can be acquired in this app with coins.

The Bottom Line

All the 10 new tips to generate free Instagram likes have been shown to you. Are they helpful or not? Just try them out by yourself now! Especially for users who are eager for an instant increase of likes, tip 4: using the free Instagram likes app - GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery to generate free likes should be adopted right away. Increasing posts or Reels likes from 100 to 1000 is effortless with this app, so download and start to use it for free.

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