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Top 6 Free TikTok Followers & Likes Apps + 6 Actionable Hacks - Stop Sleeping on TikTok

Easily grow a TikTok account with free TikTok followers and likes apps and practical methods. Check this guide to fuel your account.

Updated 2021-11-29 13:05:52 | by Albert

According to statistics, one of the most-used social media platforms to the scene, TikTok, hit 1 billion monthly active global users in September 2021. TikTok is of good fit to display the broad stage of talent, express creativity & ideas, share new trends or many other crafted things. But for users who have no right tactics, it feels like it can take one hundred years to build a big following, much less to improve the social presence.

Tired of the tedious process? Here are the top 6 free TikTok followers and likes apps on this planet to skyrocket your follower count. Besides, this guide will show you 6 actionable hacks to boost free TikTok followers and likes. Let’s get on board.

Get Free TikTok Followers and Likes

Top 6 Free TikTok Followers and Likes Apps

Like going viral on Instagram, TikTok has a fierce-competition playing field when it comes to standing out and going viral on this app. In that case, only dipping your toe into the quality and eye-catching content can’t ensure your success on TikTok. So, many people who are just starting out or plateaued in the growth turn to free TikTok growth service to make their profiles take off. If you’re are ready to test out this method, here are 6 best apps that work great for growing free TikTok likes & followers. Scroll down to find your favorite one.

#1 TikFans

TikFans is a well-performing and free TikTok followers app to ramp up your page easily. It gathers massive users worldwide in its community to help each other boost TikTok followers, likes and engagement. With this app, your profile or short videos will have humps of opportunities to be seen by other users with shared interests which means plenty of real followers and likes rush into your account. Keeping your data safe is a top priority. No TikTik password is required before you access its service. You can easily get free TikTok followers and likes no verification or survey.

TikFans App

Key Features:

- Bump up TikTok followers and likes for free.

- Discover potential followers.

- Follow others in the community to earn stars and use them to boost the TikTok account.


- Unlimited, real and active TikTok followers free.

- World’s largest community for TikTok growth.

- Easy and safe to use.

- Free TikTok followers without verification, password or survey.


- Earn stars would take your time and efforts.

How to use it?

1. Free download the TikFans app for Android or iOS.

2. Add your TikTok account to it without a password.

3. Follow other accounts to earn lots of stars, then use them to get a great number of free TikTok followers and likes.

#2 TikFame

TikFame is also a top-notch TikTok followers app to help users get famous on TikTok. TikFame understands the fake bots, followers and likes will only feed your ego and add no value to your account. To help users get real and engaged TikTok followers, it employs a powerful algorithm to promote your profile or video in front the right audience in its community. In this case, the chances are high that you can watch thousands of followers and likes rushing in. This makes your page be popular to get on “For You Page” which means more visitors, viewers, followers, likes and comments.

TikFame App

Key Features:

- Grow real TikTok followers and likes for free.

- Increase video views and likes fast.

- Expose your profile and content to other users in TikFame community.

- Earn and collect stars to expose your profile to other accounts.

- Engage with other TikTokers in an easy and entertaining manner.


- Real and free TikTok followers and likes app.

- Accurate exposure to users who are with shared interests.

- No private password is required. No login and no verification.

- Safe and clean. No extra apps downloading. No virus and no hack.


- You need to follow other accounts or like their posts to earn starts.

How to use it?

1. Download the TikFame app for your Android or iOS devices.

2. Add your TikTok account to it with your username.

3. Gain stars by connecting with other users. Then, use stars to get loads of free TikTok followers and likes.

#3 Tik Hashtags App for iOS

As the name implies, the Tik Hashtags app focuses on discovering and providing popular, trending, highly relevant and niche-related hashtags to boost followers, likes and get views on TikTok effectively. It breaks down hashtags into various of categories like Dance, Music, Fitness, Beauty and so on. This free TikTok followers and likes booster can help drive more visitors to your page thus boosting the chances of getting new followers, likes, comments and video views. In brief, if you want to deep dive into hashtag strategy on TikTok, Tik Hashtags app can produce positive results.

Tik Hashtags App for iOS

Key Features:

- Hundreds of virally-driven hashtags and loads of categories.

- Increase free TikTok followers and likes fast.

- Be seen by more users on Streak Wall.


- Boost real TikTok followers, likes and views for free.

- Tailor-made hashtag app for TikTok.

- No password, no login, no survey and no verification.

- Safe, secure and private. No leak, no hack and no virus.

- Easy to use and effective.


- TikTok only allows up to 150 characters hashtags, but this app may provide hashtags that are too long.

How to use it?

1. Free download the Tik Hashtags for iOS in Apple Store.

2. Enter your TikTok account and log in.

3. Choose some categories. Then copy and paste hashtags to your TikTok app. Login every 12-24 hours to boost your streak and get more exposure.

#4 TikPro

TikPro is an all-embraced TikTok growth app that combines with follower & like boost, account management & tracking and analysis features. It works well for growing real TikTok followers and likes, tracking new followers, lost followers, ghost followers, like ratio, etc. Like some other top-notch free TikTok followers apps, it attracts like-minded users worldwide to join its community. You can use it to make your video easily reach real users, getting more visibility and growing account. So, it can help you build a large following, boost lots of likes & views and optimize your page simultaneously.

TikPro App

Key Features:

- Increase real and free TikTok followers and likes quickly.

- Find matching users who are potential followers.

- Make TikTok video more discoverable.

- Account analysis, management and tracking.


- Easily get real followers, likes and views.

- Get more than 1k TikTok followers every day.

- Ads-free, virus-free and risk-free.

- Get free TikTok followers without verification, password or survey.


- You have to work hard to get coins by doing quests.

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How to use it?

1. Download the TikPro free TikTok followers and likes APK/app for Android or get it free from the Apple Store.

2. Login with your username. No email, no password, and no verification.

3. Simply follow and like other accounts in the community to gain coins. Then use coins to get 1k TikTok followers fast for free.

#5 TikTracker

If you want to hit the road on tracking and analyzing your TikTok accounts, thus increasing followers, likes and engagement, TikTracker is a well-designed TikTok followers app and tracker that works great. It outfits in-depth analytic features that tackle everything from tracking blockers, likes and stalkers to dislike ratios, fan interest, and comprehensive visual charts. You can definitely use this app to analyze your account, thus adjusting to your growth strategy and counter zero-result effort.

TikTracker for iOS App

Key Features:

- Generate TikTok followers, likes and video views effectively.

- Track followers stats, likes, views, blockers and stalkers.

- Track and view influencers’ engagement bar on TikTok.

- Analysis charts.


- All-embraced analytic features for TikTok.

- Provide competitor analysis service.

- Get valuable information about your account stats.

- Track up to 25 accounts.

- No password, no login attempts.


- It’s not straightforward to grow your TikTok followers and likes.

- You need to pay for the full statistics charts.

How to use it?

1. Download the TikTracker for iOS or Tik Tracker for Android.

2. Launch the app and target your account with your username.

3. Do analysis and improve your TikTok account thus attracting more followers and likes.

#6 TikBooster

TikBooster is another widely used free TikTok followers generator that can also do wonders for your TikTok account growth. You can watch ads and win more times to play games. Once you win the game, you will access its growth service. You can get your profile analyzed and be recommended with hashtags that are hyper-relevant to your page style. In this way, you will have chances to attract potential followers and score plenty of likes right away.

TikBooster App

Key Features:

- Provide with viral-driven and best hashtags combination.

- Boost target and real TikTok followers for free.

- Win free TikTok followers and likes by watching ads and playing games.


- 100% real and free TikTok followers & likes.

- Solid hashtag base.

- Virus-free and risk-free.

- No coins, no login and no password.


- You need to install other apps to verify you are actually human.

How to use it?

1. Download TikBooster for your Android or iOS devices.

2. Enter your username without a password.

3. Watch ads and play games to generate top hashtags to win thousands of TikTok followers and likes.

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How to Get More Followers on TikTok for Free [6 Hacks]

The last part covered the top 6 free TikTok followers and likes apps. If you’re looking to get 1k followers on TikTok effectively, you can use these apps to fire up your TikTok game. It’s not over yet! This part is going to show you 6 actionable approaches to explode your Tiktok followers & likes and garner more views & comments without using TikTok growth apps.

Let’s jump into details.

1.TikTok Followers, Likes and Engagement Group

Still wondering how to get 1k followers on TikTok in 5 minutes? Joining TikTok followers and likes groups on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, WhatsApp, and Discord can definitely quench your thirst. Real users in these groups support each other increase followers and engagement on videos, boosting the chances of your videos getting on the “For You Pages”, so as to attract more followers in much less time.

How to join TikTok followers groups?

You can simply type keywords like “TikTok followers group links”, “TikTok likes group” or “TikTok engagement group” into the Google search box. You will get thousands of group links join list or group invite links in search results. Then, click these links to join in. Also, you can search groups directly on social platforms. Take Facebook for example:

Step 1: Open your Facebook app.

Step 2: Navigate to the group search box.

Step 3: Enter keywords like “TikTok followers”, “TikTok followers and likes” or “TikTok engagement” into search box, then you can get a list of groups to join in.

TikTok Followers and Likes Groups on Facebook

2. Smart Hashtag Approach

Like using reasonable hashtags to get free Instagram followers and likes and hit on “Explore Page”, using the magic hashtag for TikTok can also increase your chances of landing your content on “For You Pages” thus getting free TikTok followers and likes faster. On the internet, there are many complete guides on how to use hashtags on TikTok. Basically, there’s no clear-cut solution for the smart hashtag approach. But there are two universal rules that help you out with your content in front of more different users:

- Add more unique or content-specific hashtags like #poppingdance, #costacoffee drinks and #minecraftmemes.

- Only use large-size hashtags will make your content submerged in the creation pool. Use a combination of medium-sized hashtags plus 1 to 2 general hashtags instead.

Smart Hashtag Combination on TikTok

3.“Steal” Followers and Likes from Competitors

While this approach might seem counterintuitive, it works super great for driving relevant visitors which means the conversation to new TikTok followers. So, how to achieve this goal with this method? Here are detailed steps:

Step 1: Type keywords on TikTok to find some creators, influencers and any other shared audience whose content is highly matching to your page. You can also view your FYP or use tools like Grin, Upfluence and CreatorIQ to find TikTok influencers.

Step 2: Go to their pages and interact with their followers. Follow them, like their videos, do funny comments and so on. When they find your page is exactly what they are interested in, you will absolutely get return favors.

Step 3: Stick to this approach with long-term. Your efforts will pay off.

4. Cross-Promote

Statistically, TikTok ranks seventh among the most used social media sites worldwide. So, it’s safe to say there are still many opportunities out there to translate users on other networks to your new TikTok followers.

Most Used Social Platforms Worldwide

For example, you can take advantage of TikTok-like features such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat Spotlight to promote your TikTok videos. That’s because these users are highly inclined to migrate over to TikTok or already on TikTok. It can be more results-producing for your cross-promote approach. One more thing, some platforms have certain restrictions on the promotion of original video content. For example, Instagram Reels does not allow reposted.

5. Hit TikTok Trends

When you feel hard to brainstorm catchy videos, hopping on a trend is a smart approach to gather inspiration from other users. Then you can craft new content combined with your style to drive new eyes to your page and garner free TikTok likes and followers.

So, how to find TikTok Trends that do spark for you?

One of the easiest ways to go about this is to navigate to “Discover” on the app. Then you will be embraced with treading sounds, dances, hashtags and other topics. You can also turn to a tool named “exploding topics” to explore social trends easily.

6. Edit Your Videos in an Appealing Way

TikTok is the best social platform for shortening attention spans. So, you should make sure to get a solid good first impression of your video content and keep viewers’ eyes on. To do this, you should make your video appealing and eye-catching. If you don’t know where to start this approach, the TikTok editing app can help make the process easier and faster. There are many awesome tools like InShort, Zoomerang, Vizmato and VideoShow can help you enhance your TikTok videos and spike opportunities to get more TikTok followers and likes. Just try out!

The Bottom Line

Paving the way to success on TikTok isn’t just a case of creating high-quality content. Also, you need the right tactics to help you get ahead in the space, build a solid following, be more popular on TikTok. This article covered 6 best free TikTok followers and likes apps and 6 practical approaches to help you ramp up your TikTok growth. Try them now and make your page take off!