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How to Edit Video for Instagram Reel/Story [Top 3 Tools]

Check the top 3 tools for editing videos for Instagram to maximize views on your reels, stories, and feed videos. All are introduced with detailed steps.

Updated 2023-11-07 16:42:05 | by Dale

When it comes to posting on Instagram, video content has a better chance of going viral than any other platform. Instagram algorithm favors videos and videos also have a better chance of showing up on other people’s feeds than any other type of content. Statistics show that videos are twice as efficient in enhancing engagement than images and other carousel content. This is why posting high-quality videos on your Instagram account is better when your aim is to become popular. Learning to edit video for Instagram to create impressive and appealing content is also important to secure more followers and likes.

Edit Video for Instagram

In the following context, you will get to know how to edit videos for Instagram with the help of 3 handy tools. Learn the top 3 Instagram video editing tools and follow the steps to create your stunning IG video.
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3 Types of Videos You Can Edit for Instagram

Videos are among one of the hottest ways to have fun with, thus Instagram rolled out different types of video content for their users, and each has unique rules. 3 Types of videos, Instagram Story, Instagram Reel, and IG post video, will be discussed here since Live video is noneditable.
1. Edit Video for Instagram Story
Instagram stories are one of the most important aspects of the social media platform. They are visible to your followers. When post an Instagram story, a colored ring appears around your profile picture indicating to your followers that you have posted a story that they haven’t seen yet.
Instagram stories can be 15 seconds long and their stay time is 24 hours. After 24 hours of posting, stories are automatically removed from your story tab.
Instagram stories support different aspect ratios for videos including 5:4, 16:9, and 9:16 and their quality should be 1080×1080.
2. Edit Video for Instagram Reel
Instagram reels represent the best way to hop on the latest trends and reach a new and wider audience. They are also the most efficient way to get more Instagram free followers for your Instagram account.
Reels are up to 90 seconds long and they don’t disappear from the platform but they do get old. This is why you need to know how to edit videos for Instagram reels to make new reels to replace the old ones.
Aspect ratios ranging from 4:5 to 191:100 are supported. The best aspect ratio for Instagram reels is 16:9 since they are viewed vertically.
Transition, songs, audio, effects, stickers, and other elements can be imparted into videos for reels. The audio track used for an Instagram reel can also be used by other reel creators on the platform and the credit is given to the original creator.
3. Edit Video for Instagram Feed Post Video
Instagram video was first introduced by the platform in 2021 with which you can post hour-long videos just like you would post images. You can also add captions to these posts. You need to know how to edit video for Instagram feed to create some amazing posts that people will love.
Instagram feed videos are mostly used for sharing brand promotion, educational, informational, or any other type of videos.
The recommended aspect ratio for Instagram feed videos is 4:5 but ratios from 1.91:1 to 9:16 are supported. These videos can be 3 seconds to 60 minutes long.

3 Handy Edit Video for Instagram Apps

Here are the top 3 handy apps to edit videos for Instagram
1. Vidnoz AI - Best Instagram Video Editing App
Vidnoz AI is one of the best Instagram video editing platforms that lets you create high-quality content using an array of templates specifically designed for Instagram. The tool also offers an AI-powered Talking Avatar with which you can create videos with a photo without ever recording. With the help of Vidnoz AI, getting Instagram reels views free 10000 can be a piece of cake.

Edit Video for Instagram with Vidnoz

How to edit video for Instagram with Vidnoz AI:
Step 1. Visit and log in to Vidnoz AI.
Step 2. Choose a template. Upload background pictures and a portrait photo with a clear face on it.
Step 3. Typing in words you want the face to say, selecting or uploading a voice, and generating a talking video without an effort.
Generate Video for Instagram with Vidnoz
2. iTop Screen Recorder - Quickly Record & Edit Video for Instagram
iTop Screen Recorder is another very efficient tool to record and edit videos for Instagram. ITop Screen Recorder lets you record videos using your device’s camera, webcam, or any other external recording device. It also lets you record with or without sound. You can also add voiceovers using the mic.
Edit Video for Instagram iTop
After recording, iTop Screen Recorder also lets you edit your videos instantly. With its video editing tool, you can add transitions, merge videos, add filters and effects, and add a music timeline. After editing, iTop video editor allows you to export the video to your local storage after which you can share it directly to Instagram.

3. Movavi Video Editor - Reddit Voted App Edit Video for Instagram

Movavi is another video editor that you can use to edit videos for Instagram. It comes with a library of filters and transitions, object detection, and image stabilization. The process of editing videos for Instagram is very easy if you use this tool. Other features of Movavi include video trimming, merging, and cutting.

Edit Video for Instagram Movavi

Bonus Tip: How to Get More Views for Your Edited Instagram Videos

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Get Coins After Edit Video for Instagram
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FAQs About Instagram Video Edit & Editors

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram videos and editors.

# Which is the best video editor on Instagram?
Vidnoz AI is the best video editor for Instagram as it offers AI-powered tools and is completely free to use forever. You can create Instagram videos from scratch using its templates.
# What kind of video gains more views?
An entertaining short video with high-quality content gains more views and Instagram reels fit that description as everyone loves watching reels. GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery is an Instagram followers increase app that can also help you increase views on your videos.
# What happens when I get a lot of views on Instagram?
When you have a lot of views on your videos on Instagram, the Instagram algorithm detects the popularity of your videos and they are shown to newer audiences. This will make your videos viral and you can become an influencer on Instagram.
The Bottom Line
In the end, sharing different types of videos on your Instagram account is far better than any other type of content such as plain text and images. To make a video viral, it should be of high quality and perfectly edited. You need to know how to edit video for Instagram to make your videos more appealing. The top 3 tools to edit Instagram videos have been listed here. If you want to gain more views on your videos, you should try GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery, this Instagram story views increase app also helps you with reels and feed videos by offering you unlimited free and real Instagram followers. Have fun with videos and Instagram.

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