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5 Best Way to Get Followers on Instagram: Free, Quick, Highest ROI

Check this guide to crab 5 best ways to get followers on Instagram in 2021, which are free, instant, and with the highest return on investment.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Thea

Instagram has become a shortcut of many brands' or individuals' social popularity increase, driving profitable traffic to the Instagram account page, growing conversions, and building an engaged audience system.

For those who are new to Instagram or new to a brand, whose Instagram presence isn’t quite as robust as others or competitors. Researching and grabbing the best way to get Instagram followers from real and active is your key to winning in today's battle. The larger your followers grow, the more opportunities you have so to engage with users and create substantial revenue.

Best Way to Get Instagram Followers

For the best way to get more followers on Instagram, different groups may consider different ways to grow Instagram followers based on individual circumstances. Some of you may be in pursuit of speed, want to get followers the faster the better, and even willing to buy Instagram followers directly. Some may value steady growth more than speed and expect long-term consistent growth. And some people may don't have any budget and want to get followers for free. And so on. Whatever your consideration may be, you can find your best way to get followers in Instagram from the follow-up article.

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Part 1: Best Way to Get Instagram Followers [Free]

Most people, as Instagrammers, their prior attention is to get Instagram followers for free, which may because they don't have a budget, or because they're afraid of breaking some Instagram rules. Following are three of the best way to get Instagram followers for free in the industry.

1.1 Take Advantage of Free Instagram Followers App

Making use of the free Instagram followers app to hack free followers on Instagram is the #1 best way to get Instagram followers. However, most people are doing it wrong. Spending a lot of time while getting very few or even no followers since some followers app do not really offer you free Instagram followers but kinds of unexpected traps. In this part, you will go to know the best free Instagram followers app, GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery , which does send you real followers and authentic likes.

Before you set out figuring out how to gain followers on Instagram with GetInsmartaGetInsttaFollowers Gallery , one of the most important steps is to download and log into the app.

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Now, follow the steps below to get 100% free followers from real active users on Instagram.

Step 1. Log in to the app and add your Instagram username (no password needed).

Step 2. Pick the coins that rewarded for your first login and collect more coins by completing easy tasks. Sharing, giving posts a thump up, taking part in the Lucky Draw, etc.

Tip: For those who don’t want to follow others, you can thoroughly skip over the following task and accumulate coins in other ways.

Step 3. Select the account you want to get followers and then start a plan with your coins. Only several minutes, you’ll see that massive real follower that from different area and countries coming to follow you on Instagram.

Get Followers with Free Instagram Follower Coin App

1.2 Try out Follow for Follow Mode

On the road to promoting an Instagram account, you’ll find that there are a lot of ways to get free Instagram followers. Follow for follow on Instagram is largely regarded as one of the fastest and best ways to get followers on Instagram when you have an exceedingly small follower and are trying to get more followed on Instagram.

To help you to it right, you can move to this follow for follow guide to learn how to follow for follow and get free followers on Instagram more effectively.

1.3 Create Instagram Follow Train

Creating Instagram follow train is another best way to get followers in Instagram. Instagram follow train originally means a group of people who gather to meet people with the same interests and get new Instagram followers. To participate in an Instagram follow train, you need to get involved in hashtag events, send the same Instagram posts at the same time, like other people’s posts, and leave comments with word restrictions to reach the goal.

Part 2: Best Way to Get Followers on Instagram [Quick]

2.1 Count on Followers Growth Service

There are a variety of Instagram followers growth services in the market, apps, online tools, or some that don't tell you how they work. These service providers, in general, are divided into paid and free. Free ones work in most cases, but they usually cost you some time or effort, which is relatively slow while paid ones are faster options.

2.2 Buy Instagram Followers

It indeed tempting to get free Instagram followers, but you know, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Getting free followers is certainly workable, and many services and apps have done a great job at this count. They've made it as easy as possible for you to get free followers on Instagram. However, more or less, you still have to pay something to exchange your free followers. For instance, you may need to spend some time, to do some simple tasks, to share or promote the provider. In a word, a little bit of time and effort is indispensable.

If you don't want to spend any time or effort on a free exchange of Instagram followers, you’re suggested to buy Instagram followers directly. By the way, buy daily auto Instagram followers are more suggested if you plan to place an order.

There’s a huge difference between an Instagram account having fake and legitimate followers. If your purchase Instagram followers that are unreal or bot, the backlash outweighs the perks of organic follower growth. So, you're highly reminded to buy 100% real followers, which may cost more but safer.

Part 3: Which Way with the Highest ROI to Get Followers in Instagram

With all that said, the 5 ways mentioned above do make a progress to grow your followers on Instagram. As you see, whether it's free or paid, you need input investment - energy, time, or money, etc. Well, which approach to get IG followers has the highest ROI (return on investment)? Look at the comparison table below and find the one that works best for you.

5 Best Way to Get Followers


Return Time

ROI (1-10)

1. Using Free Followers App


within 2-4hrs


2. Follow for Follow

Time, Effort



3. Instagram Follow Train

Time, Effort



4. Followers Growth Service

Time or Money

within 24hrs


5. Buy Instagram Followers




Best Way to Get Followers in Instagram - with the Highest ROI

The Bottom Line

Believed that you must have your clear answer of “what's the best way to get Instagram followers”. Learning how to sharpen up your strategies for getting followers on Instagram is the closest way to success on Instagram. Pick up the best way to get real Instagram followers from the above methods and start boosting your Instagram and pave your way to success.