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How to Make Money on Instagram 2021: 100% Working Guide

Want to know how to use Instagram to make money? It is easier than you to make it. Just read this guide to find your ways.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Neal

“Are you interested in how to use Instagram to make money?” Probably, most people will tell you that you need to be one of the famous. Sounds out of your reach to make money? It is not. If you want to make money like the famous on IG who can get thousands of dollars as paid for one post, this seems unrealistic. But for most individual users on Instagram, although they don’t own too many fans or influences, they can also make money, just in suitable ways. That is to say, for a different level of influencers, there are different ways of making money. So we write this blog to help more people learn more about how to use Instagram to make money, some actionable ways as well.

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[Multiple Forms] How to Make Money on IG?

Cooperate with Brands – The most common way to earn money on Instagram is to cooperate with brands. They will pay you according to your influencers that could bring their traffic or orders. Generally speaking, the more influencers your own, the higher price you can be paid.
Operate Personal Businesses – Besides cooperating with brands, most people choose to operate their businesses, “being a brand”. This will require much time to operate your Instagram account for kinds of promotional activities. The income among personal brands on Instagram can be unpredictable.
Join Commercial Activities – How to make money on Instagram without followers? A way with almost no demand is to join commercial activities held by other influencers. You can easily find all kinds of giveaways where the prize is money on Instagram. So you can spend your spare time on these. Nobody can guarantee you won’t win the prize.

How to Use Instagram to Make Money?

How to Use Instagram to Make Money [Actionable Ways]

After knowing the common forms of how to earn money in IG, how can you achieve these? I will tell you some suggestions from 2 aspects, impression management and find opportunities to make money. Here are some actionable ways you could take

Impression Management

What is impression management? It means that you need to make your accounts spread the impression that you hope the audience to see. A great impression can develop a strong trust among people, which can help you get more advertising or orders. So let us think about what account people will trust or what valuable accounts brands are willing to cooperate with look like? Here I list some actionable to help you be a more valuable IG account.

Regular Update – Regular action will develop people’s reliance than random action. If a blogger keeps a good regulation of posts, people will easily consider the account positive. Customers will consider them reliable. (Product quality, payment, or others) The brands will consider that the blogger could likely bring them expected and stable effect.
Great Content - For any valuable accounts, great content must be the core competence. If you want to stand out and make money on Instagram, developing your core competence is imperative. On Instagram, great content almost means great pictures. Nothing about styles of posts, what really matters is that you can create great pictures in your style.
Various Forms – A good blogger must know various forms of posts. On Instagram, there are IG stories (multiple photos on one story), posts in the feed (pictures and videos), IG Live, and others. If you can post in different forms, you can easily develop impressions in people’s minds. For brands, they will think you are a blogger good at promotion.

Bonus: How to Develop High-Engagement Impression?

What matters most for brands or audience to choose your account? The answer must be your engagement. In general, accounts with more followers and likes on posts will be considered as higher engagement. More likes mean more effective for advertising; more followers mean more loyal audience. So you could easily develop an impression of high-engagement by increasing followers and likes. InsBottleGetInsttaFollowers Gallery. can help you, one of the best Instagram followers increaser in 2021.

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How Many IG Followers to Make Money? For influencers who own a different number of followers, they can get different incomes for one post. But there is the lowest number of followers for users to get advertisement income. According to our research, the number is 1.25K. Generally speaking, if your followers are lower than 1.25K, brands are likely not to choose you for cooperation. So for standard influencers, owning 1.25K followers is necessary.

Take Every Chance for Cooperation

Easily Be Contacted - The most usual way for brands to contact influencers is by email. So it’s necessary to leave your email on IG. There are many ways you could do that on Instagram. Here I recommend the 2 ways. First, leave your email on bio, which could easily be found for the first time and copied. Second, put an email in the contact area, where people can send you an email with one-click. (You could leave your phone number here too).
Take the Initiative to Contact – Sometimes you need to take the initiative to find cooperation for the brands you are interested in. Because nobody can guarantee you will be contacted in a period unless you are influential enough on IG.
Share Community – You can recommend your influencer friends to the brands you have cooperated with once. On the contrary, they will do the same to you. In all, all of you get 2 opportunities for making money.

Bottom Line

Believe you have some ideas on how to use Instagram to make money. It is not harder than you think. First, you need some influences on Instagram. Second, you should find your opportunities to make money. It requires some luck but more right ways. So try the actionable suggestions I mentioned and start your way to making money.