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The Ultimate Guide on How to Gain More Views on Instagram Story

How many story views do you like, 10, 1000, or 10k views? Read this article, you will know how to get more views on Instagram story.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Wen

There is no doubt that Social Media has changed the world in many ways. With companies and influencers depending on it almost entirely to expand their brand, many people wonder if there is a “secret recipe” to reach more people and get more followers. Such is the case of Instagram stories; And while it’s usually believed that the longer the time of exposure of a message, the more reach it will have, Instagram stories, which last only 24 hours, prove there are exceptions to this rule. So, if you are one of those persons who want to get more Instagram story views, you are in the right place! Because today we will give you the best hacks on how to get more views on Instagram story and use the algorithm in your favor.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Story

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Why Should We Get More Instagram Story Views?

Instagram stories are the go-to option for many brands and influencers. They like to use this tool to reach their audiences more effectively and quickly. It’s a fun way to interact with your audience directly, plus they get to know you better, because the main attraction of Instagram's stories is that you can share with your community all those experiences that you consider relevant in your day-to-day life, both personally and professionally. In conclusion, it is a powerful functionality that further accentuates the main feature of Instagram: the visual aspect.
Some facts about Instagram stories

  • The number of users who look at the Instagram Stories section daily is 150 million worldwide.
  • Your followers are less likely to miss your content if you share it in the form of a story, as these appear prominently one after the other.
  • The format of Instagram stories is also favorable since it takes up the entire screen and the user can view it without any distractions.
  • Stories with links get an average of 15-25% of clicks.

5 Easy Ways to Gain More Story Views on Instagram

So now that we have established the importance of Instagram stories, it’s time to move into the fun part! How to get more Instagram story views, increase engagement with your current community, and reach potential new followers? Here are some easy tips and tricks that anyone can start implementing on their Instagram account.

1- Share related content from your followers or the explore page

This option is ideal for people who don’t have much time in their hands to post original content too often or simply ran out of creativity for the day. When you share relevant content, the original creator gets a notification and it’s also a sign of support. It’s a great way of networking! And if you are a company, sharing your customer’s pictures of your product is even a better way of social proof, acknowledging your customer and showing gratitude.

2- Use hashtags and add locations to your story

This is essential to get out of your bubble and reach potential new users who are into the same niche as your content. Whether they find your story through the use of popular hashtags or because they live or have an interest in the location you marked. Thankfully, Instagram tells you how many users found your story through the use of hashtags, so you can run several tests to see which hashtags help to get more Instagram story views.

3- Drive traffic to your feed with your Instagram stories

Instagram's feed algorithm is constantly changing and during the last year, many people have complained about missing posts from their favorite brands or creators. That’s why it never hurts to remind your audience that you have a new post on your feed. Whether it is a picture or a video, you can simply share it with your own story (Make sure you have the option enabled!). Some people like to add some mystery to it and tease their viewers with a preview or putting a sticker on top of it that usually reads “New Post” so they have to click the shared picture which then leads to the original post.

Get More Instagram Story Views

4- Get creative!

From all of our options, this is the one that doesn’t feel like a chore and you can express your own personality through the stories. You want to engage with your followers, and luckily for everyone, there are many options available that we can use! Here are some tips you can implement:
A) Start the day with a simple poll. People like to have their opinion taken into consideration, and it’s a great way to know your audience. It can be something really basic and simple, don’t overthink too much.
B) Add stickers so it’s more visually attractive for your viewers
C) Play around with text, brushes, and creative filters.
D) Make sure to interact with your story replies as much as possible. Even if it’s an emoji or a like. This way people won’t feel ignored and they will continue interacting with your stories.
E) Post daily if possible. Also, people love related Instagram stories. Make honor to its name and Tell a Story with images/videos.

5- Allow your stories to be shared

Probably the most important tip on this list on how to gain more story views on Instagram since it will directly increase the reach and will help you get more Instagram story views. If you are not sure if you have this option enabled simply follow these steps:
A) Open the story settings window which appears as a cogwheel symbol
B) Scroll down to the “Sharing section” and enable both “Resharing to stories” and “Allow sharing”. This will allow people to share your stories in their own stories, but don’t worry! Your name will always show up below the post, and clicking on it will lead to the original story a.k.a. your account. The second option will allow people to send your story to their friends in a message, which also leads to more views!

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