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7 Organic Plus 1 Fatest Ways on How to Attract Instagram Followers

Your Instagram account gaining visibility and public attention isn’t hard. Follow these simple tips on how to attract Instagram followers to get that blue tick.

Updated 2021-09-22 10:31:52 | by Grace

Keeping your Instagram account public means, you want the public to notice. Your unique talent or whatever it is that you put out for the world to see requires public traffic. To get your Insta account noticed, you need to gain real followers. Their likes and valuable follows are critical for your account.

Whether you make short videos, animated videos, post your modeling pictures, or have a celebrity account, getting people to notice, follow, and like your posts can be challenging. The question is, how can you attract Instagram followers?

This article on how to attract Instagram followers discusses the eight easiest yet effective ways of increasing followers, likes, and comments for your Insta account.

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7 Effective Ways to Attract Instagram Followers

Make it easy for yourself to attract followers on Instagram with these simple steps:

1. Define Your Goals

You can’t attract Instagram followers when you can’t determine your account’s purpose. What is the reason behind your Instagram account? Why do you want followers? What message are you trying to spread through your account? Why should people follow you?

When you determine your purpose and goals, it will become easier for you to attract Instagram followers.

2. Keep Creative & Consistent Posts

The next step on how to attract Instagram followers is being creative and consistent. Displaying your creativity has always been a distinguishing factor for most Insta accounts. Instagram prefers creativity and helps the account holder attract Instagram followers and improves visibility.

However, being consistent while being creative is also important. You can’t post a picture once or twice a week if you are looking for growing Instagram followers organically. To be visible to the Instagram community, you need to post regularly. This way, your content has a high chance of ranking in people’s feeds.

3. Find a Proper Niche to Get Started

Niche means your chosen field in the kaleidoscope of fields in the Instagram universe. For example, your hobby is creating animated videos. The animation field will become your niche. You will be searching for hashtags that relate to your content and boost its visibility.

Finding a niche makes it easier for people to search for their targeted content. This is one of the most effective and basic strategies for attracting new followers and retaining the existing ones.

4. Use Related & Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are an SEO strategy to make an Instagram account visible to the right audience. Hashtags are also responsible for starting trends. This strategy paired with the one mentioned above will make your account stronger and more relative.

It’s quite like Twitter and Facebook. How to attract Instagram followers becomes easier with hashtags as they display your posts to precise yet extended audiences. Search hashtags related to your posts. Go for the most popular hashtags and use them in the description while posting your picture or video. Using hashtags increases your account’s exposure and chances to be viewed more by numerous people.

When your content is displayed publicly, using the right hashtags will do wonders for your account. So, don’t forget to apply this strategy.

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5. Make the Most of Instagram Features

How to attract Instagram followers, you ask? Start using the features Instagram offers. These features include IGTV, live video, stories, etc. Using them will intrigue the public and display your content right in front of their eyes.

Gaining followers is all about making your content visible. And Instagram features help you achieve your follower goals. Also, keep updating these features from time to time to make the most out of the new updates.

6. Apply High-Quality Filters to Photos & Videos

Instagram is packed with high-quality filters for your videos and photos. Whenever you post a picture, Instagram lets you use its filters. These filters beautify the image or add more intrigue to your videos.

Forget about editing in different software. Simply use these filters to achieve the ideal effect and quality you need to attract followers.

7. Write Attractive Instagram Captions

How to attract Instagram followers is a no-brainer when you have the best captions to go with the post. Writing funny or well-thought-out captions attract followers (new and the old ones). It is the best way of explaining why you posted a specific video or picture.

In your caption portion, you will add hashtags that are relevant to your post. You can also use emojis to make it appealing. Use the right words that the followers can understand.

The Fastest Way to Attract IG Followers

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End Up

Anyway, the 8 methods about how to attract Instagram followers are worth trying. You don't have to pay much attention to follow these methods. As long as you use Instagram skillfully and focus on the detail, you'll get what you want. If you're time-limited, try the last and fastest way to hack Instagram followers in 1 min or 5 minutes, which are real and high-quality. Don’t wait and download the InsBottleGetInsttaFollowers Gallery Community now! Give your account that blue tick, new followers, likes, and comments every day.